The Green Ember Role Play Bio Topic

This is the Green Ember Role Play Bio Topic, Enjoy.


Name: Kyron Blackstar
Race: Rabbit
Kyron Blackstar
Occupation: Soldier
Family: Henrick (Father), Mother (lost in the Afterterrors), Selvan and Bowden (Brothers), Victor (Uncle), Coleden and Heyna (Cousins)
Likes: Practicing, spending time with family
Dislikes: Morbin Blackhawk, Wolves
(Other to be added later)


Name: Bowden Blackstar
Race: Rabbit
Occupation: Soldier/Archer
Family: Selvan and Kyron, (Brothers) Henrick (Father), Mother (Mother), other Blackstars.
Likes: Archery.
Dislikes: Morbin Blackhawk, Wolves. traitors. being bad at archery.


Name: Selvan Blackstar.
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A tall, strong buck. Fur color is gray, but it kind of looks blue or silver, like this:
Has hazel eyes.
Vocation: As a buck living in Kingston Citadel, Selvan is required to train as a soldier, so that is his main vocation. He doesn’t want to be a soldier, though, and spends much of his off time trying out other vocations.
Family: Henrick (Father), his mother (lost in the Afterterrors), Bowden and Kyron (Brothers), Victor (Uncle), Coleden and Heyna (Cousins).
Friends: Not many. Not enough, in Selvan’s opinion.
Likes: When good wins out, when he is able to make or do something that brings others joy or hope, honey, looking nice, having everything perfect, being funny, leaping.
Dislikes: All enemies of rabbitkind, feeling inadequate, failing, imperfection, carelessness, insensitivity, working, small spaces, potatoes.


:tulip: :paintbrush:
Name: Penelope Fletcher
Nicknames: Pip/Pippa (by friends), Nellie (by enemies), Penny (by her grandfather), Pipsqueak (by older siblings, since she’s the youngest)
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: Somewhat petite, with reddish fur that glows in the sunshine and large brown eyes; she also wears a white bow on one ear.
Personality: Sweet, caring, idealistic.
Occupation: In Cloud Mountain, she works wherever help is needed, including as a server in the Savory Den, an errand-runner for the hospital, and a guide for newcomers. In her free time, she paints murals of forest scenes on the walls of Cloud Mountain’s deep caves. These depict the good and beautiful things she hopes for, most of all the Mended Wood.
Family: Bree (sister), Holly (sister), Lil (sister), Cory (brother), Roan Fletcher (grandfather), Clay Fletcher (relative), Helmer the Black (distant relative).
Likes: Chamomile tea, painting murals, being helpful, caring for newcomers.
Dislikes: Wolves, birds of prey, conflict, those who wound others with words, those who think too highly of themselves, those who are disloyal to the Cause.

:wilted_flower: :bow_and_arrow:
Name: Rosemary Briar Fletcher
Nicknames: Bree (her preferred name), Rose (by siblings, occasionally), Rosie (by enemies).
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: Dark crimson fur like a red rose, with a green hood pulled over her head.
Personality: Stubborn, prickly, protective, mistrustful. She is known for her biting words, and it is said that they are even sharper than her arrows. She has no use for lazy rabbits, often ordering them around.
Occupation: In Cloud Mountain, she serves as a member of the elite Forest Guard, having trained as an archer her whole life.
Family: Holly (sister), Lil (sister), Cory (brother), Pippa (sister), Roan Fletcher (grandfather), Clay Fletcher (relative), Helmer the Black (distant relative).
Likes: Order, following the rules, being useful, fighting for the Mended Wood, sweet potatoes
Dislikes: Public speaking. Rabbits who are lazy, overemotional, or “soft in the head”

:blossom: :sunrise_over_mountains:
Name: Holly Fletcher
Nicknames: none
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: Light orange fur, with a healer’s satchel over one shoulder.
Personality: Outgoing, confident, cheerful, fun-loving, optimistic, perpetually smiling. Her boisterous laugh always announces her presence.
Occupation: She works in the Cloud Mountain clinic, training to be a nurse alongside Emma.
Family: Bree (sister), Lil (sister), Cory (brother), Pippa (sister), Roan Fletcher (grandfather), Clay Fletcher (relative), Helmer the Black (distant relative).
Likes: Teasing her siblings, cheering up patients, gossiping.
Dislikes: Rabbits who are too serious or pessimistic.

:white_flower: :old_key:
Name: Lilac Fletcher
Nickname: Lil
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: Albino rabbit (white fur and red-pink eyes) who keeps her ears down. Despite being the third oldest of the Fletcher siblings, she’s the most petite and frail.
Personality: Shy, timid, jumpy. Rarely speaks unless spoken to, and even then responds with only short, faltering sentences.
Occupation: She contributes to the Cause by helping her grandfather fletch arrows, but she isn’t sure whether she has really found her place in Cloud Mountain–if indeed there is one for her at all.
Family: Bree (sister), Holly (sister), Cory (brother), Pippa (sister), Roan Fletcher (grandfather), Clay Fletcher (relative), Helmer the Black (distant relative).
Likes: Fletching arrows, listening to storytellers, daydreaming to forget memory and reality.
Dislikes: Loud noises, open spaces, large crowds, rabbits being annoyed or angry at her.

:fallen_leaf: :crossed_swords:
Name: Corbyn Brindle Fletcher
Nicknames: Cor, Cory
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: Dusty copper fur and dark, shifting eyes.
Personality: Suspicious of everyone, pessimistic, defiant, headstrong, stubborn, prideful.
Occupation: Preparing to be a soldier in one of the other citadels, and perhaps even a member of the Forest Guard one day.
Family: Bree (sister), Holly (sister), Lil (sister), Pippa (sister), Roan Fletcher (grandfather), Clay Fletcher (relative), Helmer the Black (distant relative).
Likes: Taunting his siblings, being strong and respected, tearing others down to make himself look better, practicing sword-fighting and archery.
Dislikes: Being corrected, showing weakness, naive rabbits.


All right, here’s some more characters I shall be entering into the story:

Name: Meyren
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A lean doe with black fur and bright green eyes.
Personality: Friendly, caring, excitable, at times pensive or sad.
Occupation: Works as a server in the Savory Den.
Family: None. She arrived at Cloud Mountain about one year prior, wounded and on the run from a Wolf pack. She doesn’t enjoy talking about what happened. No other members of the group she had been traveling with made it to Cloud Mountain.
Friends: Lucky Hopperson, Rodge, Kyle, Gort, almost everyone who frequents the Savory Den.
Likes: Meeting and learning about new rabbits, serving food, being helpful, smiling, talking, mischief (sometimes).
Dislikes: Talking about her past, threats to the rabbits around her, disagreements between people she cares about.

Name: Roderic Cooper (goes by Rodge)
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A buck of medium build, white fur, and brown eyes.
Personality: Funny, boisterous, mischievous, sneaky, quick-thinking, smart, easygoing, creative, and also funny. :laughing:
Occupation: Is an engineer working at Cloud Mountain. He is an expert on building and repairing the blastpowder catapults. He also has experience in mixing chemicals and creating things with his hands.
Family: A few of his family members reside in Cloud Mountain’s village green. They make barrels.
Friends: Fellow engineers at Cloud Mountain, Meyren, Kyle, others.
Likes: Rabbits, telling jokes, working, making things, setting traps, pranking rabbits, Wolves blowing up.
Dislikes: Not much, actually…

These rabbits will be characters at the Cloud Mountain portion of the story.


Name: Lucky Hopperson
Race: Rabbit
Lucky Hopperson (GERP)
Personality: Lighthearted, friendly, always hungry.
Occupation: Works as an eater in the Savory Den.
Family: None except his father, who left for Harbone citadel years ago.
Friends: Gort, Meyren.
Likes: Meeting, greeting, and eating. Sometimes he assists others with pranks as well. He knows how to use a sword fairly well, and he enjoys practicing when he isn’t eating.
Dislikes: Wolves, Morbin, Kyle. People who disturb his lunch.


Name: Daren
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A brown-furred buck of medium build, with brown eyes.
Personality: Serious, dedicated, sometimes immature and impatient, but generally a good fellow to be around.
Occupation: Is training to join the Forest Guard under Walton.
Family: Lives at Cloud Mountain.
Friends: Lainey, Meyren, Rodge (sometimes), and others.
Likes: Feeling like he’s making a difference, being strong, being respected, showing off his skills, Rodge’s jokes.
Dislikes: Waiting, things not going his way, Rodge’s jokes.

Name: Elaine Chandler (is called Lainey by close friends)
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A white-furred doe with black ears and green eyes.
Personality: Kindhearted, happy, quiet, hopeful of the Mended Wood.
Occupation: Works in her father’s candle-making shop at Cloud Mountain.
Family: The Chandlers, which include Lainey’s mother, father, and several brothers and sisters (one of whom is Bilton Chandler).
Friends: Daren, Rodge, Meyren, and others.
Likes: Making candles that shine like starlight and burn with the hope of the Mending, being around friendly rabbits.
Dislikes: Feeling overwhelmed.

Name: Walton
Race: Rabbit
Appearance: A heavily built buck of above average height, gray-brown fur, and blue eyes.
Personality: Gruff and demanding, but also jovial and joking at times.
Occupation: Sergeant in the Forest Guard, and Daren’s master.
Family: None to speak of.
Friends: Not really, although he has a good relationship with several high-ranking rabbits at Cloud Mountain.
Likes: Fighting wolves, defending rabbits, respect.
Dislikes: Incompetence.

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Name: Melody Mooneye

Alias: Melody Nightshade

Appearance: Perfectly black doe with one white spot over her left eye. Her left eye is red and her right eye is black. Wears a mask fashioned from a predator skull when killing. Dresses in dark colors to blend in with the forest shadows. Has various pouches hanging from her belt as well as hidden pockets in her clothes.

Personality: Suave and mysterious. Dramatic, but absolutely ruthless to her foes. Gains a kind of twisted pleasure from making the Preylords and their allies suffer. Has a dark sense of humor. Sees herself as a rabbit of vengeance. Resourceful. Knows how to survive for long periods of time in wild and get out of the most dangerous circumstances. Pretends she is not incredibly lonely.

Occupation: Wandering bard and assassin. Healer only to rabbits she deems fit for survival.

Family: Dead

Friends: Also dead

Likes: Tormenting predators until they beg for mercy. Cheating them of their prey and pride.

Dislikes: Asking for help no matter how much she may need it.