The Guardians

The animals of Issith are vulnerable. When the galaxy was abandoned by the Keepers during the Massacre, the animals weakened and started to die. But when this world was refounded(yes, I know that’s not a word), they sent you-the new Guardians-to keep these extraordinary beings safe.


I strode around the large ship, The Ocean’s Death and climbed up the rigging. “James,” I called down to someone scrubbing the deck. “Get me
some water, now!”

As James dutifully trotted away, I smirked. James was the former captain of this ship, then named Blackbeard’s pride. Me and my trusty crew had taken over and renamed it The Ocean’s Death. James and his gang were pirate wannabes.

Suddenly, a large shape flew over the ship. I leapt up to the crow’s nest and peered up at it. A gryphon! I shot up at it but missed. I leapt back down to the deck. “Jack,” I said, motioning my second in command over with my two fingers. “Keep a watch out for any strange creatures you see, and tell me immediately. But keep this away from the rest of the crew. You know how they are.

Jack nodded. His long black hair bounced slightly as he saluted. “Right, captain.” He strode off, his boots making a click clack clickaty clack sound as he walked away.
I smiled. Those creatures wouldn’t be free for long.


I brushing my hair when Delila Everdragon knocked on the door. “Come in,” I called. She stepped inside. She was dressed and ready to go. We were going to my sister’s Initiation. She was 18 light years old this very day. She was going to become a Mentor. She would teach young Warriors to fight, balancing their feelings. Delila was a good friend of mine.
“Ready?” She asked.
“Yeah,” I replied. We walked outside and strolled casually down the path to the town Square. Just then, Delila grabbed her had.
“Ooh,” she moaned.
“Delila?” I said.
Just then, her eyes scrunched up as if she was in terrible pain, and she collapsed. I darted forward t grab her before she hit the ground. There was a flash of light, then I saw something! A dark blue wolf shaped creature with beautiful markings. It turned to us, bared its teeth, and pounced.
I screamed and pulled my hands away from Delila, and then, the wolf was gone! We were back on the path to town. I looked at Delila. "Did you just see that?



“See what?” I asked, standing up and brushing myself off.

“That wolf! It was huge! And…blue! And it pounced on us! Right after you collapse- wait, you look fine!”

I smile and raise an eyebrow, “I feel fine. I collapsed? I don’t remember that…are you ok Ara?”

She puts her hands on her hips and frowns, “I’m fine! And you did collapse! I saw it with my own eyes! That wolf…”

I shake my head and take her hand, “Come on, we’ll be late for…” I trail off, my eyes wide. A wolf was standing right in our path! Right in front of me. Ara screamed and jumped back, but I couldn’t move. It was so big, and blue…it was beautiful!

“Delila! Get back it’ll eat you!” Ara shrieked but I kept staring at the wolf, it had such big eyes! They looked like they held galaxies. Without thinking I reached out a hand, barely paying attention to Ara’s screams behind me.

“Hello there, I’m Delila.” I say softly holding my hand under the wolf’s nose so it could smell me. It touched my hand with it, and then it looked behind me. Suddenly it started backing away, growling. I looked behind me and saw Ara hiding behind a man. A man with a net and dagger in his hand.

“No!” I yelled as the man stepped forward. I looked at the wolf, and then at and man, and back again.

“I won’t let him hurt you.” I say softly and sprang forward somehow landing on the wolf’s back. The wolf didn’t seem to mind, it had it’s eyes glued to the net and dagger.

I put my hand on the wolf’s head leaned forward whispering into it’s ear.

“Go, run!” The wolf turned, and ran. With me on it’s back.



“WAIT!” I screamed at Delila, but she was already bounding away on the back of the strange creature. I turned to the man, who looked very disappointed that the wolf-thing had gotten away. He turned to me, snarling. He threw the dagger at me. I turned my body just enough so that it whizzed right past me. I ran, but he flung the net at me and I went down. He walked forward, growling. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see the end.



I was flying! Well, it felt like flying. The wolf ran and ran, it’s paws barely touching the ground. We flew past the Great Forest and into a cave. There the wolf stopped, and I slid down it’s back, running my hand through the soft, blue fur.

“Wow, you’re fast aren’t you?” I asked quietly to the big galaxy eyes that stared at me.

“I’m Delila, what’s your name?” The wolf stared at me for a moment, confusion in it’s eyes. I frown

“Don’t you have a name?” The wolf tilted it’s head, like it was trying very hard to understand something, but didn’t quite get it.

“Hmm, I guess I’ll just have to name you! How about…Luna? You’re a girl, right?” The wolf nodded, and rubbed it’s huge head against my side. I giggle,

“Luna it is then.” I lean against Luna’s body enjoying the warmth of it. Suddenly Luna’s ears perk up, and she looks at me with a worried look in her eye.

“What’s wrong Luna?” I ask getting worried myself. The big wolf walks to the edge and howls. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. It filled me with courage, I felt like I could do anything right then. Luna bounds back to me, bumps me onto her back, and runs out of the cave, back the way we came.

“What are you doing, Luna? I thought you were running away from the mean man trying to catch you!” But the wolf keeps running, determination in her eyes.

We get to the path where me and Ara were walking, and that’s when I see it. Up in the distance I see Ara covered with a net, bracing herself. And the man trying to catch Luna raising a dagger ready to strike.

“No! Luna, go, go!” I yell over the wind. Luna runs faster, and we get to them right before the dagger comes down on Ara. Luna lets out another howl and the man looks up, anger and bloodthirst in his eyes.

“Nobody messes with my friends!” I yell. Luna lowers her head and I draw my sword. Luna jumps, and we slam into the man with the force of an avalanche. He gasps and the dagger flies out of the hand.

I jump off Luna’s back and point the tip of my sword at the mans head. He scrambles back, all the anger gone from of his eyes.

Beside me Luna growls and walks toward the man, but I hold her back.

“No, Luna. Guardians don’t spill blood. But they do protect their friends. If I see you again, Mr., I’ll report you to the palace. For attempted murder on a Guardian.”

The man squeals and scrambles away, running as fast as he can, not looking back.

I turn to Ara and cut the net trapping her. Then I offer her my hand to help her up.

“Are you ok, Ara?”



I rubbed my legs. “I’m fine,” I reply to Delila. But then I see the huge wolf right there in front of me. “AHH!” I shriek, and try to climb up a nearby tree.
(OOC: When I was little, we went to a friend’s farm, and I was scared of the turkeys and chickens because there were a LOT, and they were all coming toward me, I tried to climb up this huge pecan tree! :rofl:)
“No!” Calls Delila, laughing at my antics. “This is Luna. She helped save you!”
“Oh,” I say, sliding down the tree. She looks at me, and Delila guides my hand towards her. I stroke the wolf’s beautiful, coarse fur. “We should speak to Professor Macestreak.”



I stop petting Luna and tense up, I feel her tense up to.

“About what?” I ask slowly. I didn’t want anyone to know about Luna. Especially the Professor. He would capture her and take her away where I’d never see her again! Well, that’s what I heard about him. I’d only spoken with the Professor once, and he had been very fatherly to me. But that was right after I’d found out my parents died. He might not be like that all the time.



“We need to tell him about Luna! He specializes in animal sciences, he’d help us to figure out where she comes from!” I look at Delila. “You don’t really wanna, do you?”



“Um…not really, no.” I reply in a small voice. Ara sighs.

“But then we could get her back to her rightful owner! Back to her real home!”

I at Luna, then at the ground. I didn’t want Luna to leave, ever. I wanted to stay right here, with me. Luna whimpers and I look up, surprised.

“What’s wrong Luna?” I ask. Luna looks at me with pleading eyes and whimpers again. Then she rubs her whole body against me almost knocking me over. I smile.

“I don’t think Luna wants to leave.” I say, hugging the huge, soft head. Luna responds with wagging her tail and giving me a doggie grin. I laugh, and turn to Ara.

“See? She wants to stay!” I rub my face into Luna’s cheek and kiss the blue fur.

“Well, I guess she can stay…but we have to leave her outside somewhere safe when we go into the castle for the Initiantion.”

I smile, “No problem!”

Ara frowns, “What do you mean ‘No problem’? It’s a big problem! If one person sees her they’ll call the Catcher.”

I laugh. “I mean, we can use that powder you invented that turn things invisible! Then we can take her in with us and keep an eye on her there!”

Ara brightens, “Oh yah! Good idea.” She hands me a small jar of purple dust and I sprinkle some over Luna. She fades away and I reach in the air to touch her.

“Great! Ok Luna, just follow me and don’t make a sound, ok?” I feel her head nod and we start walking to the castle, my hand awkwardly perched in the air.



Once inside the castle, everything is a jostle of noise. Delila and I both keep a hand on Luna to be aware of where she is. Everything hushes as my sister goes onstage. She starts her speech. It’s beautiful, but it’s the same thing she’s been practicing over and over and OVER at the house. “Let’s go play with Luna outside,” I whisper to Delila. “We’ll come back in later for snacks.”
She nods, and we sneak outside. I grab a spray bottle and squirt de-invisibleizer on Luna. She re-appears, and Delila and I take turns riding her. But when I glance up, I see a face watching from the windows!
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When Ara comes back from her turn riding Luna her face is white. I tense up when I see her.

“Ara, what’s wrong?” I ask as she gets off Luna.

“S-someone saw us.” She says, glancing at a window. I follow her gaze and gasp. I could clearly see someone’s face looking straight at us.

“We have to go.” I say, my eyes not leaving the window. I grab Ara’s hand and leap up on Luna.

“Hang on.” I tell her before leaning down to Luna’s ear.

“Time to run girl, really run.” Then we were off. I close my eyes against the wind and tune out Ara’s yells of surprise. I felt like I was born for this.

“Go to our cave, Luna. We’ll be safe there.” I whisper to her and she nods and lowers her ears, going faster. When we reach the cave Luna throws us off and looks out at the sunset, sniffing the air to make sure we weren’t followed.

“What a ride!” Ara exclaims as she brushes herself off. I smile.

“Yah.” Then my expression turns serious, “Who do you think was that guy?”

Ara frowns, “I don’t know, but I didn’t like the look on his face when he saw us.”



“Could he be a Catcher or a pirate?” I asked, brushing away wisps of hair.
“I dunno,” said Delila. Just then, I heard noises outside the cave.

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I stalked the two girls, ending up just outside the cave. But there was someone else already there! I raised my pistol behind his back, then thought better of it. It would be too noisy, and alert the girls someone esle was here.

I snuck around to the back of the cave and stuck my knife into a crack in the rocks. I chiseled around, the walls quickly allowing a hole just big enough for me to squeeze in.

I glimpsed the girls. Their backs were to me. Perfect!! Before long, their pet would be be gone and they wouldn’t even know it!!

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As Ara and me slowly make our way to the entrance of the cave Luna suddenly growls and starts barking. I whip around and gasp, someone was trying to put a gag on my wolf! I draw my sword and run at her.

“Get away from my wolf!!” I shout and slash out at her. She dodges easily and slashes out with a knife of her own. We go into a knife and sword fight until Ara screams and we both stop.

“Ara?” I call, glancing back but keeping a close eye on the woman in front of me.

“One move toward Luna and you’re dead.” I warn, even though this girl was probably older then me. I leap onto Luna’s back and rush out of the cave just in time to see a wide eyed Ara being carried away by the man who had tried to kill her before.

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“Aaahh!” I screamed. “Get AWAY from me!” I thrash, trying to hurt the man dragging me. I feel an electric shock. I whip around. The female pirate sneers at me, holding an electric whip. She hits me over the head with the handle, and everything goes dark…
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“Get. Away. From. My. FRIEND!” I yell and urge Luna forward, knocking the pirate girl down from the back. I get off quickly and pick up Ara. Then I rest her on Luna’s back and grab the electric whip, breaking it with strength I didn’t know I had. Throwing that aside I draw my sword and lunge at the man, going for his dagger arm. He dodges before I can cut it off and thrusts his knife at my back.

“Augh!” I scream as he stabs me, though not to deep. I roll over on the ground and try to get up but he pins me to the ground, knocking my sword from my hand. He gets ready to plunge his knife into my chest when he stops, loosens his grip, and falls to the side, revealing a determined faced Ara holding my sword at it’s flat side.

“Ara!” I breath, surprised. Ara barely held a sword, and never fought. But there she was, thwacking people with my sword to save me.

“Thanks!” I smile as she drops the sword and offers her hand.

“Are you ok?” She asks and hands me my sword.

“Yah, I’m-” I double over suddenly, feeling the pain of my back wound stabbing my ribs. Ara gasps and grabs my hand to pull me up.

“No, you’re not fine.” She says, worry seeping into her face and voice.

“It’s just a scratch. I-hey what are you-?!” Ara spins me around and gasps, seeing my wound.

“That’s not a scratch Delila! We need to get you to the doctor. Now.” She pulls me over to Luna and starts trying to push me onto her back.

“Hey, I’m fine! I’m perfectly fi-” I suddenly felt so tired from fighting I could hardly stand. I struggle to keep awake but the feeling is to strong. I close my eyes and collapse against Ara.



7 Minutes Earlier

The trees blow in the howling wind, and the sound of an eagle squawking is echoed throughout the forest.

No, it is not an eagle… Is it an eagle? No, it’s a lion! Or is it both?

The animal prowls through the forest, sneaking up on its prey - an unfortunate rabbit who has not yet sensed the animal behind it.

Then, the animal strikes forward, picks the rabbit up in its beak and flies up above the trees, scouting out its next target.

There she is - a young girl, standing alone, waiting for something. Or someone.

The animal swoops down and lands on its feet - er, talons - er, paws. It sneaks up on the girl from behind her, and squawks.

The young blonde girl jumps in fright as she turns around. She breathes a heavy sigh of relief. “Windstar! You scared me.” She pets the animal’s tan fur. “What were you doing out there?”

The animal with the head, wings and front talons of an eagle and the body, tail and back paws of a lion crouches down and gently sets the now dead rabbit on the ground in front of the girl’s feet.

“Eww! Windstar, that’s gross!” The girl kicks the rabbit away from her.

What, you do not like rabbits?

“I love rabbits. That’s the problem.” The girl rolls her eyes at her griffin companion.

Windstar sits down and tilts his head in confusion.

“Rabbits make excellent pets,” the girl says, sighing. She crouches down to look at the rabbit. “Rest in peace, dear bunny.”

If I were human, I would be laughing at you right now.

The girl shakes her head as she stands up. “Laugh all you want. Okay, let’s get outta here.”

What will we eat for supper, then?

“How about something tastier like bread?” the girl quips. “We have some back at the hideout.”

I am a griffin. I do not care for bread.

“Yeah, yeah. Deal with it.” The girl smirks as she mounts the griffin.

May I at least eat the rabbit when we return to the hideout?

“Help yourself,” the girl says disgustedly.

Windstar picks up the rabbit in his beak again and takes off.

Faye Dawnrider, one of the youngest Guardians with blonde hair and green eyes, smiles as she soars above the trees. Okay, not by herself, but flying on a griffin still counts.

Faye looks down below her, peering at all the trees and the caves. “Windstar, this is so beautiful!”

I know.

“You can never get tired of this!” Faye’s grin broadens.

Actually, you can.

Faye loses her grin and rolls her eyes. “Oh, Windstar. Always the pessimist.”

I am not pessimistic. I have just flown above the trees one too many times.

“But it’s at sunset!” Faye replies. She wants to stretch her arms out, but she continues to hold onto Windstar’s saddle for dear life. “It’s like riding into the horizon!”

The horizon forever remains ahead of you. One cannot ride into the horizon.

“Told you you’re a pessimist,” Faye replies with a sigh. She continues to look downward, when she sees something. Two girls, one of which looks injured. “Windstar! Windstar, slow down! Slow down!”

I cannot do that.

“Windstar, slow DOWN!” Faye taps Windstar several times. “Windstar, I think there’s an injured girl down there!”

Windstar blinks, then finally turns around and swoops into the forest, past the trees, and lands on his feet - a bit roughly, but still on his feet nonetheless.

Once on the ground, the griffin turns around again.

“There they are,” Faye whispers.

About ten feet away are two girls, one bleeding and collapsed on the other.

Faye dismounts the griffin as she slowly advances toward them. “Are you guys okay?”

@LilaKitty/Delila Everdragon, @MulanLightFury/Ara Natha


“Thank goodness yo-wait, a GRIFFIN?” I schooch back, but then realize she has the same mark on the back of the hand as a Guardian, a cross inside a circle. “This is Delila. We were fighting some people-” I pause and look around, “-who apparently have disappeared. Delila got hurt in the fight. I tried to get her on Luna, but Delila collapsed.”
Luna whimpers and looks pleadingly at the girl.



The girls had forgotten all about me. I roughly pick myself up off the ground. “Ugh,” I grunt.
Suddenly, the anger floods out of me, replaced by awe and smug joy. A griffin!! I stick my knife in my belt and whip out another one. It was my pride and joy. The handle was wooden and wrapped partially in thin leather ropes, the blade was perfectly straight and almost too shiny and bright to look at.
But the best part of all was the amethyst pommel stone, which was its own weapon; a hammer. I stuck it in my belt and smirked, ready to make my move…

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