The Hope of Dimsdale: Bio Topic

What if our Aetherlight characters lived in the real world?

In this role play, we’ll experience how our Aetherlight selves fight through life in the port town of Dimsdale. The town has a similar set up to Aethasia (ghetto, business district, mountain, farmland, ect). However, the enemies our characters be facing is mainly the unjust police system. However, feel free to throw in as many of your character’s villains as you wish (so long as they’re tweaked to fit reality).

There isn’t an active resistance against the unlawful cruelty of the cops. However, I plan for our characters to band together to create one sometime. Or maybe your character prefers the vigilante style? Whatever floats your boat.

There is a small church which ministers to the people of Dimsdale. Four of my characters will be running a ministry for the ghetto dwellers from it. The church doesn’t run into any trouble with the police for reasons to be read.

Speaking of characters, you may write every character personally created by you who has significance to your Aethasian self into this role play. You may also add landmarks, shops, underground organizations, The Heart Shaped Pastry Shop (if Missy likes this idea), or any other world building elements, so long as they aren’t too drastic, don’t contradict another element, and stay within the limits of reality.

If you’d like to join this role play, please post the bios of every character you plan to write with here and I’ll add you to the discussion PM. If you have any questions prior to joining, please @ me on another topic.


Name: Rex Blackdash
Age: Unknown
Alias: Nightshade
Occupation: Vigilante
Personality: Shady, he barely smiles and tends to keep to himself
Home: None
Weapons: None
Allies: None
Enemies: Police
Appearance: Brown colored Hair, brown eyes, scar down his right eye


Name: Kay

Age: 16

Occupation: Dumpster dives to feed five homeless kids.

Home: Basement of an abandoned building in the Ghetto.

Friends: The thief in the attic, said five homeless kids, and memories of her best friend, Ana Sanders.

Personality: Persevering, thoughtful, struggles with trust, friendly in odd situations, will always put personal needs aside for others, energetic, and (as the story flows) calm.

Enemies: The shocking gorgeous, yet utterly hateful Officer Sharpgaze, along with every other cop who treats hobos like trash.

Appearance: To be described in the role play.


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Name: Taka Demere
Age: 17
Appearance: Short blond hair, teal-blue eyes, purple glasses
Friends: Not really anybody
Personality: Quiet when with a lot of other people, but very extroverted with one or two people at a time. She can panic easily, and tends to “suffer silently” (as she says) instead of telling people her feelings.
Enemies: Nobody
Home: Small apartment she rents


Name: The thief in the attic

Age: She might be in her teens, but her actual age has never been revealed.

Occupation: Picking pockets, stalking, and adding to her collections.

Home: The attic of an abandoned building in the Ghetto.

Friends: Kay

Personality: Loyal to the end, silent, unseen, night owl, star gazer, fearful.

Enemies: Nearly everyone.


Name: Meaghan MacMahon

Age: 32

Occupation: Serving the Ghetto community, talking with anyone and everyone, spreading the love of the Savior, encouraging others, and other delightful shenanigans.

Home: An oddly cheerful apartment.

Friends: Almost everyone she’s ever met.

Personality: Shockingly Irish, very extroverted, endlessly energetic, and inconsolably talkative.

Enemies: None to speak of, though the Police aren’t fond of her.


Name: Emily P.

Age: 19

Occupation: None, she lives off her parents many riches

Home: An apartment near the ‘oddly cheerful apartment’ of Meaghan MacMahon

Personality: A fairly cheerful and extroverted person, half British, her parents work within the police system but Emily has never agreed with the police and while she doesn’t fully agree with where her parents stand, she has picked up their wealthy ways. She likes to help people, but dislikes getting her hands dirty so she tries to help ghetto folk without needing to actually make contact with them which can sometimes be humorous

Friends: She has an odd friendship with ol’ Meaghan

Enemies: The thief in the attic after getting her wallet nipped from her purse by the pickpocket


Name: Renia Sharpgaze

Age: 31

Occupation: Contributing to the feverish control of Dimsdale as one of their finest cops.

Home: The pent house of Dimsdale’s finest upper class apartment complexes.

Friends: None that she’d openly acknowledge.

Personality: The most beautiful woman one could imagine, yet the cruelest witch one could encounter. She’s known for her merciless shootings and unlawful treatment of the middle and lower class.

Enemies: She makes new ones every day.


Name: Miss Naomi

Age: 28

Occupation: The ghetto ministry, book reading, studying her Bible.

Home: A cozy little house outside the ghetto.

Friends: Many in the ghetto community as well as the ministry members.

Personality: Soft, quiet, motherly, kind, gracious, a wonderful listener, and rather bookish.

Enemies: Not even the Police can admit that they hate Miss Naomi.


Name: Bill Dean
Age: 32
Occupation: Drawing maps, selling fresh produce in the town square, raising his two children.
Home: A relatively small house far away from the busy part of town where he grows fruits and vegetables.
Hair Color: Jet black.
Height: 6’1
Appearance: A nicely trimmed goatee and short hair. Broad shoulders and brown eyes. Always wearing either dark red, light blue, or black clothing with a black fedora.
Personality: Warm, protective, funny, savvy, hardworking, patient, caring. Will fight at all costs to protect his family.
Friends: His parents. His children. The mayor.
Enemies: No one is an enemy until they harm his family.


Name: Jasmine

Age: 16

Occupation: Petty theft

Home: The Ghetto


Green eyes.
Red hair.

Personality: Very reserved. She says little and only stays in one place for small amounts of time. If her true colors were to be revealed, you would find her to be most compassionate and gentle, but life on the streets has hardened her

Friends: While she is against friends, those who show her true care, she will befriend

Enemies: The cops. She’s spent to many single nights in a cell for pinching something a little to valuable