The Inferior : Human Registry

State your name and age.
Also include:
General appearance,
Relation to others [if applicable].

thank you.


Name: Jordan Paale.
Age: 42
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sex: Male
General appearance: A disheveled medium-sized man with dirty-blond hair and a stubble. Tends to wear a brown business suit and old leather boots. A faded red tie.
Occupation: Insurance salesman
Relation to others: none.


Name: Samantha Jordan
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Occupation: Advertising Copywriter
Ethnicity: Samantha is of African-American ancestry and heritage.
Appearance: She likes wearing business dresses, with suit jackets and pencil skirts and high heels. Rarely seen without her purse that perfectly matches her outfit and impeccably-done makeup. Sometimes wears hoop earrings and fake-pearl necklaces, but she puts a premium on looking professional, so she rarely wears those to work.
Relation to others: She has a young daughter, Elise Jordan, who is 11. Her husband has gone missing in the alien invasion - he was a member of the military at the time, and Samantha has no idea where he is. She keeps up hope that he is still alive for the sake of Elise, and also because she wants to see him again.

Let me know if you need any changes.


Name: Soledad de Lugos
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: High school student
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Appearance: Wears clothing of her own design, which include unique patterns and slogans/personal mottoes, usually with jeans or overalls.
Relations to others: Has a good friend who is helping her cope with being an orphan during this strange time.


(I’m not sure if I’ll actually be joining, but just in case, here we go.)

NAME: Victor Duane Hutchinson
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
AGE: 25
APPEARANCE: Neat yet stubborn chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, generally wears collared shirts and slacks, at least to work.
OCCUPATION: He runs a family photography and photo-processing company called Hutch Photos. He is left to run it himself as his parents died in an accident. He is also a cartoonist, and puts his comics on the newspaper every Sunday.
PERSONALITY: Extroverted, but wants to believe he’s introverted; creative; a little stylish; visual thinker; loves friends, but is afraid to make close ones (after the sudden loss of his parents, as well as his fiancee); protective of the close friends he already has (especially his sister); ENFJ-T; wants to learn how to animate; loves tennis, swimming and Disney movies.
RELATIONS TO OTHERS: The employees of Hutch Photos, Gwen, Tyler, Toby and others; his friend and fellow cartoonist, Katie; his sister, Joan, who is an actress; his cat, Travis; his two pet rats, Drake and Derek; he used to have a fiancee, Kirsten, but she died of pneumonia before the invasion.


(Older than he looks.)


NAME: Sirius Morris
AGE: 19 1/2
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: Messy reddish dark fluffy brown hair, small yet round warm hazel eyes there’s a happiness in them yet something missing, her face is covered with freckles, her usual wears are big exaggerated shirts and pants and she can be a bit tomboyish with her styles of clothes.
OCCUPATION: she’s a comic artist and cartoon artist. Her cartoon was popular until she refused to make a representation of the Superior in her Art. Then her cartoon slowly died. Now she still wonders whether she should give in and follow what most other people did, simply obey.
PERSONALITY: Extroverted Introvert, she mostly introverted, but she has a lot of extroversion in her. She sees things very differently from other people, creative, smart, rebellious, she’s closed off from loses from the past.
RELATION TO OTHERS: she visits her parents sometimes but other than that and her black german shephard named Tazzie, she’s alone.
She graduated from high school when she was 15, people called her a genius, which she hated. She attended a very well known college and then persevere in her dream. but before she graduated from college both her brother and sister died in the Attack. They had both gone to a military college and she never forgave the Superiors. She lives in an apartment complex and now she plans to rebel but is tempted to bow down.

Tell me anything I should fix on this I will! :wink:


Name: Kate Northroad

Age: Early twenties.

Gender: Female

Occupation: Nuisance to the Superior

Ethnicity: A bit German, all southern.

Appearance: Dirty-blonde hair usually tied back, green eyes, stands a 5’5.

Relations: A dead twin sister, who she should have listened to much more.