The Journeys of Aaron and Lila

Ok, this is my VERY first RP to ever make!

I had a tough night for my last day of work before having a week off. The company was trying to turn my brain in mush by working me WAY to hard. So i just needed sleep!

“Good night Lila” i then fell on my bed and slept for awhile, until. . .


I sat up and yaaaaaaawned, stretching my legs. I looked at the time, 5:00 am, a good time to get started on the day! Where’s the human?

I looked around the room and found him still snoring on the bed. I walked over to my human’s bed, jumped up, and sat on his back, kneading on his soft blanket. Now, you should probably know that I am a Maine Coon cat, which is the biggest house cat in America. Very few people can pick me up, but my human Aaron is one of those few people.

“OUCH! Lila, that hurts!” my human exclaimed, and I smirked.

“If you’d woken up earlier I wouldn’t have kneaded on you.” I said smugly, and hopped off his back.

“But it’s a Saturday, Lila! Why did you have to wake me up so early?” my human complained, as he got out of bed.

“Becuase! Saturdays are the perfect days for adventures and I don’t want to miss anything interesting that we could get into. Let’s get breakfast.” I walk out of our room and head for the kitchen.

“Do you have anymore bacon, Aaron?” I called back. “I want bacon for breakfast.”



“Saturday grrhumblee kids outta school huglermble good for nothing kids.” muttered an elderly lady that morning.

Mrs. Agnes McCranky shoved her eighty blankets aside and slid on her newest pair of slippers. This pair was far worse then the last pair she had. She almost missed them, however, smacking the paperboy right between the eyes was worth the sacrifice. Though she admitted, it would be nice if her children had legs and could go out and pick all the slippers she lost in the grass. That grass was so tall she could barely see the road, but when she saw someone on it, they’d get a taste of righteous wrath.

Mrs. McCranky begrudgingly swallowed her morning medication and fed Charles, Antony, Cordelia, and Soup, the four resident gold fish of the kitchen island.

“If only everyone else’s kids were like mine,” she grumbled to herself, “then I’d get some peace around here!”

Agnes snatched up a can of prunes and hobbled into the sitting room. Once there, she leaned back in the good for nothing recliner and read the next chapter of Forbidden Love: A Tale of Suffering. If nobody bothered her, her children, or Fred, today might be less then terrible. Might.


Sara slowly opened her eyes to the dark and handsome face of Emperor. The sleek Siamese arched his back and leaned forward to sniff Sara’s face.
“Morning Emperor. Thanks for letting me sleep in,” She glanced at the clock: 7:00 a.m. “Wow! It’s really late! I did not plan to sleep this long. Sorry boy, let’s get you some food.” Emperor tilted his head and meowed in a fashion that said, “You better apologise! I need my nutrition!”
Sara slid out of bed, donned her bathrobe, and headed for the kitchen. After scooping out a can of Hill’s Pet Nutrition into a cat dish for the Siamese, she disappeared into her bedroom once again to dress.

“Delicious. My Sara does give me nothing but the best,” I licked carefully at my cat dish, careful not to get the food in my fur. “I’m glad the veterinarian recommended this, otherwise My Sara might of accidentally given me something other than the best.”
I polished the dish clean and then lightly trotted to my cat bed to groom my fur. A few minutes later, My Sara dashed from her room in full attire with purse in tow and key in hand.
“Bye Emperor! I’m meeting with Meg. The cat door is unlocked and your toys are on the coffee table. I emptied your litter but if you could, please stay outside. Bye!” With her last chirp of farewell, My Sara skipped out the door. I slowly ambled towards the cat door and sat smartly on the top step as My Sara hopped in her car and drove off with a wave. I would be going to work with her on Monday. But today was Saturday.
Slowly pushing the lock on the cat door into place with my nose, I scampered across the road and into the talk grass of the house across from mine. I liked to call the old crab who lived there, Mrs. McCranky. Mainly because that’s what her mailbox said.
Stalking slightly through the grass, I spied the nearby window and leapt nimbly upon its sill. Drawing a deep breath and puffing out my chest, I proceeded to release the most ear-wrenching yowl I could muster and sat tight to wait for the flurry of slippers. This is what I called a hobby.


“Heh… i ate it last night when you were chasing a bird! It was DELISH!” I said, “Oh! Wait, i have some left over in the fridge!”

I go to the fridge with pictures of Lila and me on it.

“Here it is!”

“Thanks! What about milk?” My talking cat asks.

“Here ya go! You can have the rest of the jug.”

Looks out window.

“Hey there’s Sara and your friend Emperor.”

I rolled my eyes when i said friend.


My fur raised a bit and I felt a growl rise in my throat. I lapped up my milk and ate the rest of the bacon before me and my human step outside. Sara waves at us before getting into her car and quickly driving away. As soon as she around the curve I heard an ear-splitting screech that came from Mrs. McCranky’s house.

I looked at my human, who was covering his ears. “Was that Emperor or Mrs. McCranky?” Aaron said, with a chuckle at the last part.

I smiled, and giggled. I loved my humans jokes.

“I don’t know but maybe we should find out.” I trotted down the sidewalk and immediately came running back to my human, my ears back and my tail wagging.

“It was Emperor, I saw him. Dodging slippers. Let’s try to stay as far away as we can from him today, please?”


“Yeah, it sounds like he didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed.” I said, “Hey, wanna go into New York today? I have a couple days off from work!”

By the by, we live in the outskirts of the city just around 20 miles from Times Square in a apartment.

“Sure” said Lila.

“But you CANNOT talk at ALL” I said sternly, “Because you know what happened last time.”


“Good for nothing, mangy cat!” snapped Mrs. McCranky as she threw every available object at that cocky college kid’s animal. Five eggs, eight shoes, and twenty glasses later, the cat slunk back out the window into the grass. Hopefully, that cat would lose it’s way in that grass and wander around aimlessly like the other unfortunate souls stupid enough to stop in for a visit.

Today was already an awful day. Cats, broken glass, her children were probably scared of that big furry beast.

“Humph!” growled Agnes as she shuffled her way back to the recliner.


I looked down to hide my smile. “Yeah, I know. I scared the dickens out of some teens. But I was just doing that so they wouldn’t make fun of you right in your face!”

Aaron sighed, “But then those teens called the police and they searched our house! Don’t you remember that?”

I looked up, no longer smiling, and my ears went back. “They searched our house?? I didn’t know that…I-I guess I was sleeping, or outside…”

“Ok, well they did. So no talking. Period.”

I nodded sweetly and hopped up on my human’s shoulders. “So, are we going to take a bus, the car, or legs?”

“What?” Aaron said, and I giggled.

“Are we going to take a bus to NY, your trashy and smelly car to NY or are we going to walk to NY? And by walking, I mean me riding on your shoulders the entire time while you walk.”


“How 'bout taking my sweet smelling car to NY and then let’s go and see if we can see any Super Heroes!”

Gets in car, “Why is old lady McCranky being so cranky?” I asked, “She seems more cranky then usual…?”


I rolled my eyes and tried not to breathe in the fast food wrappers everywhere. I hopped up and laid down in the space between the windshield and the air vents. This was the only space my human kept uncovered in fast food wrappers, just for me.

“It’s probably because of Emperor, but I did see some eggs fly out the window so maybe she’s grumpy about the loss of her eggs.”

I shrugged and shifted into my smallest sitting position, watching out the window to see if I could get a glance at a superhero catching a robber. Soon my keen feline eyes picked out a robber, but I saw no superhero.

“Hey, Aaron, do you see that robber? He’s getting away with all that money I wonder where all those Avengers are…”


“Wait that is?” I laugh at Lila not knowing that the Avengers are fake, “Let’s go and get him! If we don’t let’s call 911.”

“YESH!!! I’m an Avenger now! I’m fighting crime!” Lila shouts with excitement, “Wait, that’s Batman! YESH I LOVE BATMAN even better!!!”

Drives car into robber then tackles him…


I let out what I thought was a very fierce meow and pounced on the robber, claws out. I clung to his ski mask and dug my claws in forcing him to the ground with my weight. Then I sat on his back while Aaron tied him up and took the bag of money.

Soon, a woman came rushing up and saw what had happened to the robber.

“Oh thank you! He stole that from me, I work at the bank.” She gratefully took the bag of money and then, a little too quickly ran off.

“Aaron, I don’t think that woman works at the bank. I think she was working with the robber! Let’s get 'er and take the money to the police instead.”


“Yes, why did we do that!?”

Runs at full speed at lady robber tackles here to the ground with Lila biting her the whole time while i tied her up.

“We work as a good team don’t we Lila?”

“We always have!” Lila says, making the lady faint.

Takes her to the police.

“Now do not talk at all Lila… At all!”


“I won’t!” I promise and jumped up on my human’s shoulders as we entered the police station.

“We’d like to report a crime!” Aaron said as he walked up to a count with an officer behind it. The officer looked up, a bored expression on his face.

“What is it?”


“We caught this man and lady stealing money from a bank.” i said

“Where?” he asks.

“On East ninth street.”

The lady keeps repeating. “THE CAT CAN TALK!!! THE CAT CAN TALK!!!”

The police man has a smile and whispers, "A bit crazy isn’t she?

“She sure is!”

Lila meows in agrement…


I smirked, then turned my head and hissed at the crazy woman. A few minutes later we walked out of the police station and down the street back to our car. We hopped back in the car and drive down the street.

“Where are we going now, Aaron?” I asked as I watched the scenery pass by.

“Let’s get something to eat, it’s almost lunch time.” Aaron replied. “Keep a look out for a good restaurant.”

“Ok.” I watched the buildings pass and see a fast food place called “The Goldfish”. “OOH! Aaron can we eat there? Please please please?”


“Maybe, i have to see the price.” Goes to door, “Wow I’m sorry Lila, but we can’t no animals unless seeing eye dogs.”

“Rats” Lila said, laughing at her own joke, “Get it? Get it?”

Snickers “Nice one!” i said, “But still we can’t go in. How 'bout Chick-Fil-A?”


I brightened, “Ok!” We got back in the car and drove to Chick-Fil-A. There I sat at a table while Aaron went and ordered us some food.

(Let’s wait until @Exploding_Kitten makes her bio and then continue :slight_smile: she can work at Chick-Fil-A!)


Orders, orders, orders, orders- hold up! Is that Aaron?

Nancy spun around to see if what she suspected was true. Yeppers, Aaron and his cat just walked through the door! Nice to see a friendly face around here, not that she didn’t see those all day long everywhere she looked.

Nice to see a friendly familiar face she thought, Huh, the guy still has his shades. Must not have seen the Crankster yet.

Nancy grabbed the next finished order and speedily delivered it to the right table marker. She could get it there five-times faster if she ran, but the manager didn’t take too kindly to her running into guests all the time.

Table marker: blue cookie. Go!

Nancy paced around the room trying to find the right marker.

Blue cookie, blue cookie, blue cookie, blue cookie!

She turned a corner to the back tables and saw Aaron and his cat waiting there with the blue cookie table marker.

“Aaron!” she called out, zipping over to his table and shoving the tray of food in front of him. “Long time, no see!” she greeted him, “Hey Lilabugs!” she said quickly, giving Aaron’s cat a hearty head rub.

“So I have about three seconds before I head back to the counter, how’ve you been bro?”