The Kingdom Series Role-Play Bio Topic

Here you can post your bio for this Role-Play. Enjoy.


Name: Sir William.
Job: Noble Knight
Personality: Thinks everybody else is under him.

has many scars
(just so you know my favorite book are the ones about sir Gavenough so my character will be heavily based on him)

Horse: salvation
faster than any other horse in Chesington.
has strange ability to see in places that i can’t see
Has strange defect in ears
White coloration


Name: Sir Kasper
Occupation: Noble Night
Location: Chessington
Personality: Lighthearted, tries to be good.
Friends: Sir William
Enemies: None yet

Horse: Whirlwind
Just as fast as Salvation, but Sir William likes to think that His horse is the fastest.


Name: Sir Orion
Ocupation: Follower of the Prince, Blacksmith
Apperance: A body that a blacksmith would have, no scars, except from one across his eye.Half blind in the eye with the scar.
Personality: A gentle man, despite his appearances, but fiercly loyal, and will do anything to protect his family, friends, and fellow Knights of the Prince.
Friends: None yet
Enemies: Lucius, or the Dark Knight
Horse Freedom, a bay mare with a white star on forehead.