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The King Reigns, And His Son!


I slice my sword towards a follower, he is quick at defending and parries all of the slices, but he isn’t fighting back. Another slice, another, i finally knock his sword out of his hand and point my sword at him.

“Surrender.” I yell at him.

Just at that moment another follower jumps to his aid. I parry multiple cuts and counter with my own, he parries them and lunges for me, but i dodge out of the way and see an opening in his defense. I knock his sword out of his hand and point my sword at both of them.

“Both of you surrender?”

Sir William Runs up to me and we fight side by side while getting attacked by two more followers.

“You got here, Finally. I thought you said your horse was the fastest?” I tell him.


There… Was a crowd so i had to go around. i say Slashing a sword of a follower.

The battle was over quickly, We lost.
“They where getting better or we where getting worse.” I say Riding to the main hall.
We where in a meeting Talking to the leader of the noble knights, Kifus

“The Followers are getting stronger, even without their prince” I say

Than kifus says “William and Kasper go to Attonberry and Take out the base there”

(OOC Attonbury is a real place Here is a map’s%20version).jpg)


(BTW it is called Attenbury)
I nod and walk out of the hall with William.

“A crowd, huh?”

I slow down Whirlwind when i see a tree on the side of the road.

“We should rest here for tonight William, we should also arrive tomorrow.”


“a crowd huh.” Says Kasper as we leave

We finish the meeting and ride to Some tree about a days ride to attonbury.

“We should rest here tonight, We should also arrive tomorrow”

“well, at least we made it this far today. Did you remember to pack?” I ask

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“Of course i did.” I say while laying down a blanket to sleep on. I hear a twig snap, we both freeze for a moment.

“It was probably nothing, good night.”

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I sit up and look for the person that snapped the twig. i get out of my sleeping bag and walk in the direction the noise, i start to fear something. i hear a horses i turn around but i was surrounded by black mounts and equally dark riders.

they pull out there swords. and i do the same to mine. the first man jumps of his horse and does a vertical slice i barely blocked but it knocked the sword out of my had,

“Kasper!” i yell

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I spring onto my feet when i hear someone call my name. I scan the area for the noise, i see William under attack by Dark figures.

“William!” I shout and pass my sword to him just in time so he could block another vertical slice.

I run towards him and grab his sword off of the ground, i jump towards the nearest figure and engage in combat.

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I block more downward thrusts, William does the same. These warriors had more power in there cuts then anything i have seen, maybe even besting our most skilled Noble Nights. Their blows force me into a retreat, soon i am backed up into a tree, i duck under a powerful blow, then cut our horses free.


He looks in my direction, then leaves his engagement and runs for the horses. He jumps on his horse, and i jump on mine. Me ride away from the warriors as fast as we can.

Exhausted, i say to William.“What…what were those?”


“what…what were those?”

“I don’t know, but i don’t want to see them again”

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I wipe some sweat off of my brow.

“Well, lets hope we never do…”

At Attenbury

“It’s nearing dusk, we should find ourselves a place to rest, us and our horses.”

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After we got into an inn, and our horses into a stable, we decided to rest in our rooms until morning.

“Good morning William, ready to find some 'knights of the prince?”


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I ride quickly across the moor to warn the fellow Knights of the Prince of the Noble Knights coming to Attenbury. I spot them coming out of the inn, and urge Freedom on to a greater speed. I must get there before they do! I think. I consult a piece of paper given to me by the council in Chessington, and ride quickly to the bakery. I dismount and go quickly into the bakery. i go through the fake door, and enter into a meeting. “Everyone out! Quickly! A dispatch of Noble Nights was sent out yesterday afternoon, and are coming here as we speak!” I yell. Most of the people took my word for it and left, but others simply shook their heads and laughed. “Why should we believe you?” one asked. “Because i’m your only hope.” I said grimly. i exit and run strait into the same Noble Knights that i had just warned the other Knights about. I quickly draw my sword and settle into a fighter stance. @Ultra-commando @CaptainRex


Some random person runs into us, and realizing who we were, he draws his sword and took a fighter stance. “We don’t want to hurt you, move aside.” I place my hand on the hilt of my sword encase he attacks.


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“What, you just want to hurt the people in a harmless meeting? What did they ever do to you?” I ask.


I pull my sword on him.
“You are one of those knights. those knights of the so called “prince”.” I say in a mocking tone
I charge him.


I meet the sword with my own. the sound of crashing steel fills the room. Some of the other knights from the room behind me file out and draw their swords and attack. “The King reigns . . . And His Son!” I shout.


I enter the fray, quickly disarming two of the others. I soon get locked in a fierce fight with a third, much better trained that the others. He does series of cuts at my middle, which i deflect, then i push on towards him, knocking his sword onto the ground. I point my sword at him, getting ready to deliver the final blow, but something the first knight said echoed in my mind.

You just want to hurt the people in a harmless meeting? What did they ever do to you?

I slightly lower my sword, but then quickly raise it back to the others neck. “Surrender!” He frowns, and knocks my feet away, making me fall to the ground. He recovers and runs past me, farther into the bakery. I recover my footing and rush to help William.

@Ultra-commando @Fulson


He begins to push me back into the wall. once in reach of a torch i grab it and throw it at a wall, lighting it on fire.
@CaptainRex. @Fulson.


I maneuver away from the burning wall and throw a poorly timed volley of cuts at him. He easily blocks them all, but during that time i circle around so that the burning wall is behind him. The fight around me continues. “Why are you killing them?” I ask. “Are they a threat to Chessington? Are they trying to destroy it?” I ask. “What if, by killing them, you are no better than the marauders and thieves that try to raid Chessington?”