The Next Generation (Bios)

This Role Play is based off of a Disney show called Lab Rats which features three teens who have been injected with bionic chips, giving them a variety of bionic powers.
(The show is actually pretty dumb, but I thought the concept was cool.)

The story goes that Crane (their worst enemy) was creating an army of bionic soldiers to defeat the team. After his defeat, however, Donald Davenport took the soldiers to a special island academy to train them to be heroes instead of soldiers.

Where our story begins:
Douglas Davenport (Donald’s Tony Stark like brother) secretly took about half of the original army and started his own academy on the outskirts of a city. In order to remain a secret from the government, the teens have to go to school and live a seemingly normal life, while still going on missions, training, and defeating the occasional villain.

You can create your character with five abilities like, but not limited to the following: super speed, super strength, force-fields, levitation, bionic appendages (arms, legs, eyes), heat vision, limited technopathy, etc.

We are the next generation, it’s time to rise up!


I thought that this was a Star Trek: TNG role-play there for a second. Five abilities, though? I guess that’s OK if we are all overpowered.

Name: Damian Cray
Ability 1: Flight (it’s a force-field type ability that allows him to move through the air)
Ability 2: Levitation
Ability 3: Force-fields (you’re starting to get the idea)
Ability 4: Distance Vision (he can see much, much further than normal, like a sniper scope)
Ability 5: Resistance to cold (suitable for high-altitude flying, but also useful in cold classrooms)

Bio: Damian Cray has always had an interest in archery. Okay, he tried guns too, but that was too much recoil and too loud, and besides, archery hunting was more sneaky and more fun. It was all good…except for one problem: he was born with retinitis pigmentosa. As a result, he was going blind, and the experimental bionic guys promised to fix that so he could keep hunting with his dad. Unfortunately, they did a lot more than that, to his discovery, plunging him into a war that he didn’t really want to be in. The extra distance vision is nice, but…flying? Really?

Thus, Damian is rather nervous and scared at school, for a lot of reasons. Not only is he worried about people discovering his extra powers, but he’s also trying to avoid talking about the “medical procedure” he had to fix his eyes. Worse, he’s also became an excellent cook in order to cook game and he’s taking culinary and scared that everyone will make fun of him.

But if he’s mad or frustrated, his tends to take it out at the archery range.

Let me know if you need any changes.


Name: S7173 aka Max
Abilities: Super strength, bionic eye, molecular kinesis, laser bo-staff, enhanced senses.
Age: Teen

Bio: After losing his parents he took to the streets, learning much about how to survive.
Meanwhile he developed a bitterness against the ones who had killed his family. Then a man named Crane offered him more power than he knew what to do with. He accepted and became an unknowing soldier in Crane’s army. After Douglas turned off his Triton app (the app that allowed Crane to control the army), he joined Douglas’ academy.
Personality: My personality


Name: Shama Bonteri
Abilities: Healing, echolocation, underwater breathing, X-ray vision, limited telekinesis
Age: Pre-teen

Backstory: She never knew her parents and lived with her mean aunt and her disgusting cousin. She was offered the chance to leave that life and have anything she wanted by means of a simple surgery. She accepted and is now on her way to the lab…
Personality: Charismatic, independent, intelligent computer nerd


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Name: Layla Williams
Abilities: Electric bolts, magnetism
Age: Teen

Backstory: She used to live in a beautiful house with her parents, but it got burnt down and now she lives in its ashy remains. One day she got a letter from a lab asking if she would like to have power and took up the offer…
Personality: Loner