The Next Generation (Role-Play)

The world’s first bionic super humans.

They’re stronger than us,



The next generation of the human race are… TEENAGERS!?


5:30 AM.

Damian checked his watch. Okay, maybe that was a silly thing to do, but when he had undergone the operation he had asked for the electronics to be…discreet. No creepy heads-up displays. No flashing lights in his eyes. Of course, when the guy who promised to be your savior from blindness turned out to be an evil mind-controlling guy who wanted to use you to fight some other people and didn’t really care about you, that just makes that more complicated. But at least he had honored that request.

I don’t really care about any of those complications, Damian thought as he put on his school clothes and headed down the hall to fix himself some breakfast. I just want to forget my powers ever existed. I mean, the vision is cool, but everything else…

His face curled into a scowl as he remembered Mr. Davenport, the goody-two-shoes who had brought him here. That was a person that he wanted to avoid, especially this morning, the first day of school. He pulled out a pan from the kitchen and began making scrambled eggs.

I’m going to eat breakfast and go to school early, he reasoned, stirring the concoction in the pan a bit harder than his culinary sensibilities told him was necessary. The last thing I need is another lecture about my potential for greatness.


I duck the hook and swing up, striking the black jump-suited man in the ribs. I whirl around just as another rushes at me. I quickly pop a sidekick, laying him out in the sand. One whips out a gun on my right. My senses ramp up as I see his finger press down on the trigger in slow motion. I leap to the side, forming my laser bo in my hand. I strike the gun out of his hand and ram the end into his stomach. He flies backwards, crashing into a boulder and landing face first in the sand. I twirl my staff and motion for the remaining guys to bring it on.
Two rush me at the same time. I easily block their punches with my staff and spin, tripping one with my staff and striking the other one across the body. I stand over him and raise my staff, ready to finish him. I stand for a second looking down at my foe. Finally I lower my staff and eject it. “End simulation.” I say. Suddenly the whole desert and the guys I was fighting suddenly disappear, replaced by a large metal room. I grab my jacket and walk out. I always liked a nice training session before school. It got me ready for the day. I pass the kitchen to see Damian sitting at the bar. I was always curious about him. Of course we all came from the same evil lair, but we were all under mind control so we didn’t really get to know each other. Well, now was as good of a time as any.


Damian looked up from eating scrambled eggs to see someone else entering, wearing a jacket. Well, at least it’s not Davenport, it’s just…Max…I think that’s what his name is…

It was then he realized that he had forgotten to put cheese or ketchup on the eggs, and he had also forgotten to get himself some water or orange juice to go with them. Oh well, the eggs were almost gone, anyway. He decided to finish eating and hope the guy would just get what he wanted from the kitchen and leave him in peace.


I glance at Damian as I walk to the icelator (a futuristic refrigerator). After grabbing an ice coffee, I crack it open and lean on the counter across from Damian. I look down at his small breakfast consisting of plain eggs. A thought crosses my mind and I turn toward the icelator. Using my molecular kinesis, I lift a bottle of orange juice and pull it towards us. Damian watches in amazement as the bottle floats through the air towards him and then sets beside his plate. I lower my hand and grin. Taking another sip of my coffee, I nod to Damian and then walk out. It was time to take a trip into the city.


Damian pauses until Max walks out and then takes several swallows of orange juice. Time check again. 6:30 AM. He puts the orange juice away and puts the plate in the sink.

Briefly, Damian wonders where Max is going, but decides he doesn’t need to know. He grabs his school pack and heads out the door. Priority is avoiding Davenport, not solving mysteries.

Now, to get to school… Damian pulls out a map. Time to walk. Of course, he could just fly there, but he dismisses that idea out of hand. In an emergency…No. Besides, it’s way too early for that.


I sneak around the building and see a few guards. Quickly I fire a few electric bolts and disable the security cameras for that part of the building and take out the guards. I walk around the corner to see a large, open room. Suddenly I see a security camera in the high corner panning the room. No! I shoot lightning from my fingers and disable the cameras before it can see me. I see a large, red, neon exit sign and walk towards the door. I open it cautiously. No traps. I slide through and find myself in the city. Suddenly, a boy bumps into me. I scream.