The Programmer's Topic

This is a topic for all programmers who know a programming language. This is a place to discuss programs we have built, are building, and to help each other in troubleshooting. Introduce yourself with a short biography about your programming ‘career’ and then join in the discussion. If you have never learnt a language or would like to learn a new language you can ask for advice here.
Please only use this topic if you know a language, are seriously learning a language, or are seriously looking into learning a language, but, asides from that let me be the first to say:


In my misfortunes of life, I now know a lot of programming languages, which are occasionally useful. These are:

Web programming languages (these languages are primarily used for web design):
-JavaScript and jQuery
-PHP, MySQL, and Wordpress
-Java Servlets and JSP

Other programming languages:
-C (I hate C utterly, however - if you want a C program done, hire someone else)

I took a class in mobile app development specifically, so I know my way around that world. (Java for Android, and Swift for Apple, though you can also do Objective-C) The class focused more on Android than Apple.

Kinda related stuff: I know internet marketing, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Premiere as well.

So yeah, if you have questions related to those languages or need help with a problem, I can probably get you an answer. Hopefully the answer will be less than 500 words.


I have had a relatively short programming career of about eight months, but have learnt a lot. I am now fluent in Python and about 20% of my way through learning C#. My goal is to be fluent in three languages by the end of the year and I am well on my way to that. After C# I will probably go for Golang or perhaps Java. I plan to pursue a career in Cybersecurity, and will attempt a doctorate level education in that field. So, I have big things ahead, but for now I will enjoy this topic. I also have some experience in computer graphical design and am familiar with Maya and Renderman. I am a big fan of Pixar Animation Studios.