The Renegades

“I have to go.”
“You know I have to.”
“Goodbye, uncle.”
“The path you go down–it only leads to one thing.”
“смерть души smert’ dushi . … .”

  • Far into the 3000, a totalitarian government called The Advantage has removed all semblence of true beauty, replacing the arts of the past with generic film, food, and show. They will not tolerate anything worth its work. But fighting against this regime is an underground group of people who think differently. People who look like any other during the day, but don masks during the night. They are the Renegades. And their mission is to bring the few surviving remains of the art of the past to the Checkpoints before The Advantage reaches them. But that might not even be the end of it . . . .

. . . . Nothing will be left untouched, and you will never be the same.

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