The Timeless: A Doctor Who Roleplay

Imagine a universe without time.

No curfew. . .

No schedule. . .

No measurement of how long it takes for a seed to grow. . .

Hard to picture, right? Well that’s because of the human nature: Your life, the things you experience, EVERYTHING, is controlled by time.

But there is a race of beings who are outside of that control. . . who can SEE time from a distance, like a painting on display. TIME LORDS.

This is their Story. The Story of their fight to control and smooth out the timeline for those inside it. And maybe even the Story of those who ARE inside it.

This is the Story of the TIMELESS.

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On the jagged hills of Gallifrey, she, as a child, would often gaze at the stars in awestruck wonder, longing to fly amongst them, to be near them and their warmth and light. She wanted to leap off the world and ascend into space to count all those flickering ghosts of light. And she would be happy. Yes, she would be very happy indeed.

But when she became a fully-fledged Time Lord, with her very own TARDIS, having fulfilled her lifelong dream and took off, she opened the TARDIS doors amongst the stars, and was met with more than just joy.

She found tears, too. At first she wasn’t quite sure why she felt like crying every time she stargazed. Was she just happy that her dream came true? Awed to tears by the stars? Lonely?

Apparently the Universe carried more emotion than she had initially thought.

Nevertheless, since she first left Gallifrey to explore the universe, she has never come back. The stars, the planets, even the tenants of the planets, and the possability of encountering something new, drive her, Avrillut’drondfreymundar, ever forward.


Avriletta increases the speed of the TARDIS and gazes at the starmap on the console screen. Hard to believe, she thinks to herself, that most Time Lords, including the most powerful ones, believe that this intricate maze of stars and planets was all an accident.

Avriletta is one of the very few Time Lords who believe in a Creator. She had pretended to believe in the “accident” stuff at the Academy to get a higher mark so she was more likely to earn a TARDIS to travel, but in general, she considers it all balderdash. When. . . if . . . she returns to Gallifrey, she wants to use her knowledge, and her love for the universe, to debate the topic.

Bleep, Bleep, Bleep, Bleep. . .

Avriletta follows the sound to another console screen. In red text flash the words: OVERHEAT – PLEASE LAND

She sighs. This has happened four times before. How frequently, she can’t judge. It’s a nuisance, but she’s fine with it in general. It’s better than no TARDIS at all, right?

She locates the nearest planet with a safe atmosphere, a few hundred light years away, and is orbiting it in half a second. She picks a spot near a city, but hopefully away from most of the civilization. It’s a pleasant place with rich green grass and mossy cliffs. She decides to land under the shadow of one of the cliffs.

As the satisfying VWHIRRRRRR-CLUNK! sounds from the console’s heart as the TARDIS materializes and lands, a screen turns on:

Country of AETHASIA
Population: 1,359
Atmosphere: BREATHABLE


Locating… Locating… Locating…

Nola Applequill, with a black device with a dull green screen in her right hand and a pistol missing its twin in her left hand, grunts. Ugh! This thing never loads.

The device in her hand is a locating machine. Nola Arabella Applequill, who joined the Resistance of Aethasia four years ago now, - it seems like decades to Nola - has already been of great use to the Resistance as a detective, tracker, recruiter and pilot all-in-one. As far as the latter goes, some of the greatest pilots of Aethasia have been trying to teach Nola in the ways of maneuvering a helicopter. Provided, of course, she has one. Which she does not, because it crashed on a test course. Thankfully, the only injuries were minor - a few cuts on the head and arm - but otherwise Nola was unscathed.

That was one month ago. The cuts are almost all invisible now, and her mission at hand at this particular moment has nothing to do with piloting or helicopters.

Nola is locating something paranormal.

Although the Resistance’s main purpose is resisting (as the name implies) against Emperor Lucky and his Empire of Automatons, it attempts to accomplish several other side missions to make Aethasia a better place - including picking up garbage, feeding the Urchins in the Grotto, repainting buildings, generating more clothing for poor families, and as of last month, investigating the paranormal.

These “paranormal” investigations have been popping up more and more as quickly as the Resistance notices them. In the last month, the Resistance acquired many new pieces of technology in order to locate “breaches” in the universe: When a universe’s fabric is being torn apart, even if by a little sliver. It could lead to something called a vortex.

And trust me, you do not want a vortex.

Right now, Nola Applequill is locating that very thing. There has been a breach in Aethasia’s universe, and if the Resistance doesn’t find it, locate it and plug it… No one else will.

But currently, Nola’s having bigger problems. The device’s screen is not working, and it just keeps repeating the same word over and over and over and over again.

Locating… Locating… Locating…

Quite badly, Nola wants to throw the device across the street, where she’d enjoy it fall apart from the sudden hit to the brick wall on the other side of the once-black-but-now-grey street of No Man’s Landing.

But I’m going to have to put on my weakest suit: Patience.

Nola sighs at the thought of that. She takes a seat on a nearby bench, and watches the ellipsis of the last Locating… repeat and repeat.

Well, as they say, a watched… Device never… Locates.

Nola nearly bursts out laughing, but she has to maintain her anonymous, calm self, so she wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention to passersby.

Locating… Locating… Locating…

She hits the screen with the palm of her hand in aggravated frustration. “For goodness’ sake–” She nearly says her full sentence out loud, then remembers to maintain her appearance. She finishes it in her thoughts. –learn your lesson and show me where in the Aetherstep this breach is.

Finally, green, choppy highlighted words came up on the screen.

Breach located.

Nola breathes a sigh of relief, but then impatiently waits the usual five seconds it takes to transition to the next words on the small screen of the squarish device.

Breach found in Evergreen Meadows, Aethasia.

Nola satisfactorily nods her head and stands up from her seat on the bench, and waits for the text to transition to a map of Evergreen Meadows.

Soon, it does. A beeping noise continues, and Nola has to play the game of “Hot and Cold” in order to find the breach - the beeps grow louder and more consistent as she nears the source of the breach.

Finally, she arrives in Evergreen Meadows, and walks past trees, fences, and the three brothers’ farms, until she nears a cliff.

She carefully makes her way around the cliff and is about to hike up, until the beeps grow a tad slower.

It’s not on the cliff.

Nola widens her eyes slightly as the next thought comes to mind.

It’s below it.

She squints in the sunlight, and then notices the pond nearby as she turns around. Ah. Of course! The perfect place for a fabric breach. Near water, particularly water like this.

Oftentimes, the perfect breaches are near ponds of water, particularly because it “softens” the fabric of the universe and makes it easier to rip open. And that’s precisely what’s beginning to happen here.

Or is it?

Nola rounds the cliff again, but this time in the opposite direction. She’s going underneath the cliff.

Finally, she arrives. All to be seen is a large boulder. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Nola humphs. Obviously that was how all of the breaches were - nothing out of the ordinary - but somehow, deep inside, Nola almost wanted to see something unique; something different… Something more.

But, of course. It’s just a breach in the fabric of the universe. What is there to see?

Nola sighs as she reaches for the plug in her other pocket (yes, she does have a lot of pockets). When there is a hole in the fabric, she has to step close to it (but not too close), and hit a button on a camera-with-no-lens-looking device called a “plug”. This plug does what its name suggests: It plugs the hole in the fabric, and hopefully seals it so the breach won’t happen again.

As soon as Nola feels the plug in her pocket, she yanks it out and holds it in the open, then turns it around and looks for the red button that would plug the hole. Finally, she finds it and instantly pushes it, locator device still in the other hand.

But something odd happens.

Usually, the locator device would bleep off and there would be no more maps of the surrounding area. But instead, it is still visible on the screen.

Only one thought rings through Nola’s mind.

Either the plug isn’t working, or there’s something a little more than just a universe breach going on here.


“So you travel a lot?”
“From time to time.”
- Doctor who


Inhabitants: Peaceful
Prognosis:Satisfactory, threat not viable. No signs of target. 

Ty Corvun sits back in his chair, his brow wrinkles as he stares at the report thoughtfully.
He reaches up and hits enter. He spins around in his chair looking over the Tardis.
Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It was really fantastic.
His mind goes back to when he first set foot inside, when he first learned what this extraordinary machine was capable of. He had seen many extraordinary and fantastic things since then.
To warp through space, unrestrained by the laws of time, able to manipulate the laws of time, it was too unbelievable. He lived in the unbelievable.
A blue light flashes on his control panel, jarring him out of his thoughts. He stands and walks over to it. He pulls off his glasses and stares at the message on the screen.

Potential Target Detected

He presses a few buttons on the panel, the location popping onto the screen. A place called… Aethasia.
He slips his glasses back one. Well, he’d better check it out. He types the coordinates into the Tardis and pulls the lever. The Tardis whirls to life.
In a few minutes the computer blinks. He has arrived.He quickly reads the basic information about the place. The population, the atmosphere, etc. His eyes stop on “Toxic.”
He reads the info carefully. It seemed that there was some sort of noxious gas in the atmosphere, a fog like substance. He picks up a small containment device and steps out.
He is standing in some sort of alley way. He peers about wondering at the thick, green tinted air. he opens the containment device, allowing a portion of the fog to feel chamber. Stepping back inside, he locks it in and begins the analyzing procedure. It would be done shortly.
Now time to see about this potential target. he steps back outside and draws his screwdriver. The signal was coming from somewhere called… Evergreen Meadows.

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"The toxin, commonly called “fog” by Aethasian inhabitants, blankets most of the country as a visible green mist. Upon inhalation, many experience numbness, dizziness, an urge to hail Emperor Lucky as utterly superior or in severe cases, turn into an ‘automaton’ – a robotic being fully loyal to the Emperor."

“Aethasia really is Totalitarian,” Avriletta comments to herself as she reads the information on the console screen.

She switches off that screen, and straightens her back after leaning on the console and crosses her arms, thinking. Does she want to take a walk outside? She doesn’t really like the idea of poisoning herself with the fog and perhaps sprout a metal body and bow to this “Lucky” character for the rest of her life, but it’s not the worst thing she’s ever encountered. She could use a face-mask for it, as much as she dislikes face-masks.

She paces around the TARDIS weighing her options. Finally she shrugs and thinks, Why not? The TARDIS takes a while to cool down, and face-masks honestly aren’t bad. They’re just. . . not fashionable.

She sighs and opens a door leading deeper into the TARDIS. A few feet into the hallway is a hidden hatch. She pries it open, pulls out a transparent oxygen mask, slips it over her head letting it hang on her neck, and returns to the console room.

After switching off the TARDIS’ engine, and detaching the main circuit and locking it somewhere safe and secure, she tentatively approaches the door and stands in front of it.

Just out for a walk, just out for a walk. . . She takes a deep breath before pulling the mask over her nose and mouth, and opens the door.

She is met with a pleasant sight: rich green grass, thriving trees with small flying arthropods swarming around them, a quiet river off to the side, cliffs and hills, and even the occasional flower. The sky was blue with a faint green tint. Probably the fog.

But it isn’t the cliffs, river, trees, insects or the fog that attracts Avriletta’s attention first. . . it’s a humanoid. A female. She’s tall, only a few inches shorter than Avriletta. She seems to be looking down at a small device in her gloved hand. Her visage is hidden from Avriletta’s sight by a wide-rimmed, bright red sun-hat. She’s standing only ten feet away from the TARDIS.

As Avriletta emerges from the TARDIS, the woman looks up, and her eyes, blue as lapis lazuli, widen in bewilderment. They find themselves gazing at each other in a sort of awe for a few moments, then the woman speaks up: “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

Avriletta gives a weak smirk and gestures behind her. “In there.”

“Looked like a boulder at first.”

Ahhhh, chameleon circuits. You gotta love 'em, Avriletta thinks to herself. “Well it’s not a boulder,” she says to the woman.

“Well. . . what is it?”

She smirks again. “Hard to explain.”

The woman raises an eyebrow and gives Avriletta a highly dubious look. “You still haven’t told me who you are.”

“My name is Avriletta. I’m a visitor to. . . I believe you call it ‘Aethasia.’”

“Do you have anything to do with the breach in the fabric of the universe?”

Now it’s Avriletta’s turn to raise her eyebrows. “I hope not. I hardly think a time machine could cause a tear in the universe. Unless the universe is more fragile than I thought.”

“‘TIME MACHINE.’” The woman’s eyes grow as large as dinner plates.

Avriletta stifles a laugh and nods. Then she finds herself gazing at the device in her hands. A fabric meter, she realizes with intrigue. This woman. . . is unexpectedly intelligent.

The woman must have noticed her staring, because she suddenly shoves the device into a pocket and delivers a cold glare. Avriletta averts her eyes for a moment, but then looks back up. “What’s your name?” she asks quietly.

Meanwhile, inside the TARDIS, a screen flickers on with a message: FOREIGN TARDIS DETECTED

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“My name is Avriletta. I’m a visitor to… I believe you call it ‘Aethasia’.”

Nola’s skepticism rarely ever fails her, and it sure doesn’t fail her now.

Her mind races with all that doesn’t add up. Avriletta? That’s an odd name. Where did she come from? Why is she here right when the locator alerted me about a breach in the fabric of the universe?

Nola raises an eyebrow. She’s most likely the one causing the breach, with her boulder-AKA-universe-traveling-device.

She blinks, her thoughts coming to a conclusion, and then asks for confirmation. “Do you have anything to do with the breach in the fabric of the universe?”

Avriletta raises her eyebrows, and Nola inwardly grunts. I never really like when other people do that…

“I hope not,” Avriletta answers. Before Nola can say - or think - anything else, Avriletta continues. “I hardly think a time machine could cause a tear in the universe. Unless the universe is more fragile than I thought.”

Nothing but the words “time machine” catch Nola’s attention.

Nola’s eyes grow wider by the second. “TIME MACHINE.”

Avriletta laughs and then slowly peers over at the breach locator. Nola raises an eyebrow, and quickly shoves the device back into the pocket it calls home.

“What’s your name?” Avriletta asks quietly.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to do this…

Nola pauses, but only for a brief moment. “Vera. Vera Inglewood. I’m a… A scientist sent to study the breach, plug it, and report back.” Y’know, half of that is actually true… She has to resist a grimace. I forgot. I have to be careful to what I tell people that aren’t fully for the Resistance… Or people that aren’t from around here, for that matter.

“It’s nice to meet you… Vera,” Avriletta replies.

“Yeah, you too,” Nola responds, trying not to sound wary. “Hey, uh… What were you doing here, anyway?” She then narrows her eyes. “And how did you just walk out of a gigantic boulder? What is that boulder, exactly?”


“It’s a Tardis.”
Both girls spin around at the voice.
Ty smiles and slips his sonic screwdriver back into his pocket. “It stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.” He takes a step closer.
“Hello, I am known in many realms as the Traveler.”

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“It’s a TARDIS,” a new Scottish-British voice says from behind Avriletta and Nola.

They both spin around, seeing a man in a grey suit, with blond hair and icy blue eyes.

Before Nola can even do such a thing as raise an eyebrow - which she was doing quite often today - the man continues talking.

“It stands for ‘Time And Relative Dimensions In Space’.”

Avriletta looks surprised, and Nola is downright confused. Yeah, a time machine. I’ve learned that much from… The April girl. But who is this guy?

The man seems to answer the girls’ invisible question. “Hello. I am known in many realms as ‘The Traveler’.”

Finally, Nola gets the chance to raise her eyebrow. And she does so - at “The Traveler” this time. The Traveler? Traveling where? Through time? Through space? Through universes?

Nola is full of questions, but she decidess to keep quiet and let Avriletta speak up until she gets things sorted out.

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Avriletta opens her mouth to answer Vera’s question, but another voice suddenly comes from nowhere. “It’s a TARDIS.”

She and Vera turn towards the river to see a man, with frazzled blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He’s holding a. . . Is that a sonic screwdriver?! He smirks. “It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.”

A word escapes Avriletta’s lips in a bewildered whisper. “How. . .”

“Hello,” he interrupts her again, “I am known in many realms as the Traveler.” He pushes up his glasses a little with two fingers. Avriletta has a feeling that he’s trying to look and sound impressive.

The “Traveler.” I’ve heard talk of a "Traveler. . . " Ahhh, yes. . . She speaks up. “Ty Corvun, isn’t it?”

The Traveler frowns. “Don’t just wave my name out there for all to see!”

“Sorry, I was making sure I was talking about the right person. Do tell, how do you know about my. . . TARDIS?”

"My TARDIS picked up your signal, of course! Now let’s see. . . Avrillut’drondfreymundar, smartest Time Lady in the academy, they called you. And they also called you the Starry-Eyed."

“My reputation isn’t unheard of, I see,” Avriletta returns, manifesting no emotion in her voice. “But what are you doing here?? In this place, in this time?”

“Same reason you’re here, I suppose,” he answers with a smirk.

She chuckles. “Oh, you have an overheated engine, too? What a coincidence.”

The Traveler frowns. “Well never mind then. . .”

Vera, meanwhile, has been watching the conversation from the side, her face growing more and more bewildered with each word they speak. She finally cuts in. “Could somebody please tell me what’s going on?? Where do you two come from? Who are you? What do you mean ‘RADLIS’ or whatever you call it? Well?!”

Ty and Avriletta exchange glances and find ourselves smirking involuntary, before explanations begin.

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"The TARDIS," Avriletta corrects, “Is a time machine. My time machine. I travel the universe in it. I stopped here because the engine overheated. . .” She then, somewhat abruptly, closes her mouth. You’ve said too much, Ave! she hisses silently to herself, They’re still strangers!

Vera stares at me with intent blue eyes. It’s clear she’s yearning for more information. Avriletta averts her eyes and puffs anxiously.

“We’re Time Lords,” continues Ty, “from the planet Gallifrey. We studied there, at the academy. . . at least she did. I’m totally self-taught. And I’ve got a TARDIS, too.”

Avriletta doesn’t look up from her feet. Oh well, say what you’d like, Ty. Too late. . .

Vera furrows her brow at him. “A-Another planet. Time machines? That’s. . . hard to believe.”

“I take it you Aethasians aren’t used to this sort of thing,” says Ty.

“Well, obviously not,” returns Vera with a weak shake of her head.

“You know what?” he says, slowly stepping closer to her, “With your intelligence, you could help me.”

“What do you mean??” Vera takes a wary step back.

“I mean with that breach-detector gadget you have–”

“How–” Vera begins, her eyes widening again.

“You think I appeared out of nowhere without noticing things?” asks Ty with a smirk.

“Don’t scare her, Ty,” Avriletta cuts in with a non-threatening voice.

“I’m not scaring her!”

“He’s not scaring me. Not really.”

Avriletta cocks her head. “Out of curiosity, Ty, why are you here on Aethasia, year A.F. 17?”

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“Out of curiosity, Ty,” Avriletta begins, “why are you here on Aethasia, year A.F. 17?”

When Ty hesitates, Nola glances at the two of them, back and forth. She sets her gaze on Avriletta as her thoughts begin to formulate. Okay, so what have I gathered here? Avriletta: 1. Suspicious. 2. Most likely has something to do with the universe breach. 3. SHE HAS A TIME MACHINE. 4. Has a weird name. 5. Is not from around here.

Nola meets Ty’s gaze and studies him.

Ty: 1. Even more suspicious. 2. Obviously wants to seem mysterious, but… Epic fail. 3. Knows April-Girl somehow. 4. Also has that TEBDIS thingy. And some weird stick.

Nola’s thoughts stop formulating as she raises an eyebrow at Ty. “Hesitation? Not helping.”

“Well, it’s complicated…”

Nola places her hands on her hips. “Yeah? I’ve got all the time in the world for complicated. So you’re going to tell me exactly who you are - both of you-” She glares at Avriletta coldly, “-and what you did to our universe.” Nola’s gaze shifts down to her feet as she adds in her thoughts, and how the TETRIS works…

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“We’ve told you,” replies Avriletta patiently, “Time Lords. I’m Avriletta, he’s Tylocanous. And as far as I know, I did nothing to your universe. I simply made a pit stop! And I highly doubt Ty harmed anything, did you, Ty?”

Ty shakes his head with an innocent grin.

“Now, Ty, what are you doing here? And Vera, tell me more about this ‘breach’ as you call it. Come on, speak up, either of you!”

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“We’ve told you,” replies Avriletta, “Time Lords. I’m Avriletta, he’s Tylocanous. And as far as I know, I did nothing to your universe. I simply made a pit stop! And I highly doubt Ty harmed anything, did you, Ty?”

Ty shakes his head innocently, but Nola isn’t convinced. Yeah, well, pit stops usually don’t make a tear in the fabric of the universe.

“Now, Ty, what are you doing here?” Avriletta continues. “And Vera, tell me more about this ‘breach’ as you call it.”

It takes a moment before Nola realizes Vera is herself - the name she used as an alias. But instead of answering, she just shifts her feet and lets Ty talk.

“Come on, speak up - either of you!” Avriletta persists.

“Tyrannosaurus, you wanna go first?” Nola mutters quietly.

“You go,” Ty replies. “I insist - ladies first.” He smirks and makes a gesture with his hand.

Nola rolls her eyes and then speaks up, meeting Avriletta’s gaze. “Alright, then. So, you asked about the breach. Well, what about it? You two smarty-pants already figured out I have a breach locator in the fabric of the universe, so thanks. But when I tried to plug the breach, it didn’t work. I think that has to do something with you two.” Nola glares at Avriletta. “Especially you, who just came walking out of a rock, or should I say, time machine.”

Avriletta shifts her feet.

“How does it even do that?” Nola continued. Avriletta and Ty were both silent, so Nola added, “Can either of you please explain to me why in the Spiral your time machine looks like a rock?”

Avriletta sighs, then answers Nola’s question. “It’s called a chameleon circuit. It basically does exactly what the name implies. Chameleons can change color to blend in with their surroundings, right? Well, the chameleon circuit does the same thing - it makes the TARDIS shapeshift to adapt to its surroundings.”

Nola gawks at her. “That’s wild.”

Avriletta giggles slightly. “Yeah… Yeah, it is.”

Nola looks at Ty. “Okay, well, you’ve got your questions answered. Tylosaurus, it’s your turn.”

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