Transformers: Shadows of War (Bio)

Here is the bio topic for the Role Play @SheOfManyNames created.



Name: Tempest
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Autobots
Appearance: Dark grey with a teal stripe on his head and right leg, plus teal outlining on his arms.
Occupation: Hacker/Assassin
Atl. Mode: images
Weapons: Single Energon katana, Bushido beam gun,
Grave energy glove,
And a energon blaster.
Personality: Secluded sometimes, Quiet doesn’t care to talk much, And ready for any mission given him.
Height: 22 feet

(Is he to short? Cause if so please tell me.)


Name: Breakstream
Nickname(s): Thief
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: None but his own good self
Occupation Mercenary for hire, but prefers to work alone
Appearance: Mostly black with red accents around his body
Hobbies: Stealing Energon from Autobots or (preferably “and”) Decepticons while they’re fighting each other, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to stop him
Alt. Mode:
Weapon(s): Duel Energon blasters, duel Energon knives, or just his fists
Personality: Rash, impertinent, witty. Believes himself to be above others by far, especially humans
Height: 24 feet
Friends: Himself… Does that count?
Enemies: The Decepticons and Autobots. And humans. Anyone and everyone, really
Likes: Stealing Energon or anything else of value or that may bring about self-gain
Dislikes: Getting captured (obviously). People that are too much like himself creeps him out.
Most used lines:

“Not this again…”
“You can’t have it back!”
“I’m out of here!” (Or simply just “I’m out”.)

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Name: Shockwing

Nickname(s): None

Species: Cybertronian

Gender: Male

Allegiance: Autobot

Hobbies: Tinkering with his tech, he always wants to be at the top of his game, physically, and technologically.

Likes: Technology, Teletraan one.

Dislikes: Deceptions.

Occupation Warrior, formerly engineer.

Alt-form (Cybertron):
Alt-form (Earth):
Weapons: Neutron assault rifle, Energon blade.

Tech: Holoshift Padd, C.L.F.D. (Cybertronian Linked Fabrication Drone)

Skills: Shockwing, along with his C.L.F.D., can create tech for use in the war. His skills are no substitute for the mass production abilities of Teletraan one, but they can help in a pinch if the battle seems unbeatable. He’s very adept with computers.

Personality: He always tinkers with his tech, he knows that It may be the difference between victory and defeat. He always keeps his gun at top working order, as well as his Holoshift Padd, and his C.L.F.D. He doesn’t like it when tech is used to control others.

Height: 23 Feet

Most used lines:

“I’m not Teletraan, but’ I’ll get the job done.”

“I’m already on it!”

“Woah, what type of tech is this?”

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Name: Siren
Nickname: The Voice of a Dead World
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Female (Femech)
Allegiance: None (but more sympathetic to the Autobots)
Occupation: Haunting
Appearance: Mostly black with accents in pale blue and crimson. Optics are bright green and one shows through a break in her white visor. Smiles often but laughs seldom. Covered from head to toe in scars.
Hobbies: Exercising her power over unsuspecting victims.
Alt Mode:
Weapons: Hypnotic singing voice, sonic cannons, cable lasso. Can fly at sub-sonic speeds with more grace and agility than raw power. Decent hand-to-hand skills. Impressive improvisation.
Height: 30ft
Friends: Loner
Enemies: Everyone (Deceptacons in particular)
Likes: Attention, scaring people, the power she wields
Dislikes: Tyranny, rules, party-poopers, being ignored
Personality: Half-wild and half-mad. Theatrical to a fault. Dislikes physical combat. Would rather talk her way out than fight.

“Why so silent, my good sirs?”

“Let the show begin”