Transformers: Shadows of War (Bio)

Here is the bio topic for the Role Play @SheOfManyNames created.



Name: Cyberwheel
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Autobot
Appearance: Chrome everywhere except for on his shoulders, there is a little bit of dark blue there
Occupation Doctor/scientist
Alias: Doc, doctor
Alt. Mode: Chrome and blue Medical Truck
Weapon(s): Duel chrome and blue energon knives/short-swords, duel path blasters
Personality: Grumpy sometimes, occasionally makes jokes, ready to do what is needed
Height: 25 ft


Name: Hydrobolt
Alias: Ace
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Autobot
Appearance: Blue with some gold accents and Shoulder pads.
Occupation Warrior
Alt. Mode: Gold and blue car.

Weapon(s): Duel Energon swords, X18 Scrapmaker
Subsonic repeater
Personality: Often makes jokes, cocky. will volunteer for nearly impossible missions.


Name: Breakstream
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: None
Appearance: Red and black around his body
Occupation Scout/Warrior
Alt. Mode: Red and black car



Weapon(s): Duel energon swords, Duel Energon Blasters
Personality: Cocky, tries to be serious but fails
Height: 21 ft

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Name: Tempest
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Autobots
Appearance: Dark grey with a teal stripe on his head and right leg, plus teal outlining on his arms.
Occupation: Hacker/Assassin
Atl. Mode: images
Weapons: Single Energon katana, Bushido beam gun,
Grave energy glove,
And a energon blaster.
Personality: Secluded sometimes, Quiet doesn’t care to talk much, And ready for any mission given him.
Height: 22 feet

(Is he to short? Cause if so please tell me.)

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Name: Gearstop
Species: Cybertronian
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Autobot
like this but the blue is deeper
Occupation scientist.
Alt. Mode:

Blue deeper and the barrel is longer.
Weapon(s): His large cannon/tank cannon. idk science tools
Personality: loves his work, will exclude all others to that end.
Height: 25 feet

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