Transformers: Shadows of War

The Ark and the Nemesis had disappeared through Shockwave’s spacebridge. But the scientist
stayed behind, along with some Deceptions, vowing to rebuild Cybertron, with Megatron as it’s leader.

However, Ultra Magnus, along with the wreckers lead the Autobots that remained on Cybertron ever elongating the Great War until either Optimus, or Megatron returned.

However, a new technology is discovered deep within the Iacon vaults, a discovery that may just lead to the end of the war, or the destruction of another world. . . .


Shockwing moved behind a pillar as the wave of Decepticon bolts fired where he used to be. He reached around his cover, and fired a few shots from his Neutron Assault Rifle, careful to conserve his ammo, running out in the middle of a firefight would not be good.

A Deception forward assault soldier, or as the Autobots nicknamed them, on both their own side, and the Decepticon’s side: Shotgunners. Very dangerous at melee range. Shockwing crouched and Cybertron, working with his movement, created a barricade for him to hide behind. The Shotgunner fired, hitting the newly formed wall, and while he was still reloading, Shockwing extended his blade, destroying his enemy.

When Shockwing stood again, the platform returned to the ground. An Autobot forward scout moved to the front line, Crouching next to Shockwing and forming a wall between him and the Incoming Deception force, other Autobots crowded around him, daring to hope for good news

“We’ve got Marauders incoming and the Wreckers are delayed at the Deckagon formulating new defense plans, they sent me to warn you. You won’t be getting any reinforcements we’re already stretched too thin, Shockwave’s pushing every advantage, we won’t be able to keep them out of Iacon for much longer.”

Shockwing wasn’t the leader of this defense force, he didn’t even have command rank. Luckily, the defense commander was here.

“We cannot afford to lose here, we must keep Iacon, tell Ultra Magnus that we need those reinforcements!”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible sir, we’ve already lost most of the outer defenses. Ultra Magnus has called a retreat to the Inner wall. If we can’t keep the city, we have to keep the Vault and the Deckagon.”

The Commander pondered this for a moment, “We retreat! Autobots! To the inner wall!”

They followed the commander into the City of Iacon, backing and firing, then backing again. the scout was right, no reinforcements came. At least not until they reached the inner wall, the wall that they could not lose, no matter the cost.

Inside the wall, defensive positions were placed about every entrance, consisting of soldiers, shotgunners, skirmishers, enforcers, and titans. On the wall were rocket troopers and snipers. The force was great, but seemed to be nothing compared to the endless army of Decepticons.

Ultra Magnus came down from the Deckagon to meet with the new group.

"Welcome, I’m afraid we have no time for pleasantries, Decepticons are coming in great force from all sides, we’ve gotten so desperate that we’re trying to get into the Iacon vault, hopefully finding something there that’ll win the war. however, Teletraan is out, and we have no way inside, not without either hacking it open, or blowing the door. Shockwing, I’ve heard you have expertise in hacking, I need you there now!

Shockwing complied and transformed into his alt form, blasting off in the direction of the Iacon vaults. He transformed and landed on the outside, then swiftly made his way to the entrance, hacking in would be tough, but he could do it… He only hoped it wasn’t too late.


Getting into the Iacon Vault was going to be challenging… for any other Cybertronian. I, Breakstream, on the other hand was going to break through. There must be hundreds- no, thousands of priceless relics in there! And they’ll all be mine, soon. All mine. It was a satisfying thought.

I had snuck through Iacon and finally found where I believed was directly above the vault. At this very moment I was using my Energon blaster set on a low level to cut through the top. I would leave the way I came with my loot – in and out and no Autobot would be the wiser.

Finally, the section of the floor I was slicing through fell. I was standing on it, of course, so I fell with it. Only a slight scream escaped my voice box. Luckily, it was only several feet down before I landed safely inside the Iacon Vault.

I rubbed my metallic hands together as my head darted between boxes marked “danger” and “keep out”. This would be my biggest score yet!

“Where to start?” I asked myself as I moved to the first box. I unclipped its lock and threw the crate’s lid somewhere. It was an extremely complicated piece of equipment – possibly a weapon – but I had no idea what it was. Glorious. I took it and moved to the next crate. Popping open the lid, my optics saw something awesome. Multiple explosive charges. “These could be useful,” I muttered, taking them as well. My optics widened when the third crate was opened. A red glow illuminated from it. Inside lie a small chunk of Red Energon. I quickly snatched it up. “Snazzy,” I remarked. I went about the room having similar reactions to similar items until my hands were completely full of priceless artifacts. I turned to make my escape. Just before I did so, however, something caught my optic.

Everything in my hands dropped to the floor as I approached this new thing. “Fabulous,” I muttered as I approached a large, round ring. A complicated panel sat beside it. I was no genius – at least not in technology – but this looked important. I stopped at the panel and pressed the first button I saw. Nothing happened, so I dragged my hands across the panel in a random pattern. The machine reacted to this. It sputtered and sparked as a quiet whirring sound slowly grew larger. I stepped back slightly, not fully knowing what to expect.

The ring lit up at once, a green-ish blue forming in the middle of it. I took a step back. Was what this beautiful piece of technology…?

“It must be a portal to somewhere…” I said, placing a hand to my chin. “I probably shouldn’t go into it. There’s no telling where it’ll lead.”

I shrugged, leaving the device active while going to retrieve my already substantial amount of loot. I picked up that first device I found, whatever it was, another handy-looking piece of tech, then the Red Energon. I made to grab the explosives next but then I heard something that chilled me the chassis.

The door ahead opened.

An Autobot walked in and scanned the room. He saw the hole in the ceiling, the scattered crates, the portal thingy, and then his optics rested on me and the pile of stolen stuff at my feet. He wasted no time in raising his arm, a neutron assault rifle forming from it.

“Oh,” I took a step back. “I… uh… you…” I looked to the stuff at my feet. “It wasn’t me!”

The Autobot obviously didn’t believe me, as he fired his weapon. A few of the rounds hit my chest, causing me to stagger backwards. I wasn’t going to be able to leave the way I came in since he was practically standing under it. There was only one way out of this.

I turned and ran towards the portal.


Shockwing tried hacking the door, however, it wasn’t working, the door appeared to be sealed. Whether by some deception device or the meanings of Alpha Trion, he didn’t know, but it wouldn’t budge.

Shockwing requested for some help in prying the door open, a large Autobot came to his assistance and both together made some headway, however, as soon as they let go, the door returned to its sealed state. Forcing it open wouldn’t work, it may cause unnecessary deaths if it closes at the wrong moment.

He returned to the door console and knelt down, if Shockwing couldn’t hack into it, then he could at least remove power, preventing it from closing itself. He pushed open the access panel on the console and looked inside. A single item was inside, a Moleculon fuse, probably suppling power to the door as well, in tandem with others of course, the entire building. It was a miracle that the tech hadn’t burnt out or exploded or anything, they were rather prone to that.

Shockwing removed it and handed it to a nearby Autobot. Then he moved to the door and pushed it open, without power keeping it closed, it opened quickly and easily. Shockwing entered alone. Immediately he saw a rather square hole in the roof, and by the fact it was still smoking, whoever had cut the hole may still have been inside.

Shockwing then looked around the room, boxes were emptied and laying around tipped everywhere, lids were strewn about the floor, and a pile of technology… He looked at it… then looked up, a Cybertronian was standing there. Shockwing raised his arm, forming his Neutron Assault Rifle. His ammo had gotten a refill when he’d arived with the rest of the soldiers, so was at max efficiency.

“Oh, I… uh… you… It wasn’t me!” the Cybertronian called.

Of course it was him, and Shockwing wouldn’t let him take any of it, the Autobots needed it for the war. Shockwing fired his rifle, striking the Cybertronian in the chest and causing him to stagger backwards… toward some portal? Was it some space bridge?

The Cybertronian turned toward the portal and ran two more Autobots came from outside and joined Shockwing in firing at the Cybertronian.

The bot jumped through the portal and the three Autobots ran in pursuit, who knows what tech he had on him.

“You two get the tech for the war, I’ll chase him through this.”

Neither moved and Shockwing got disappointed, “Go! Now! Or we may lose Cybertron.”

The two Autobots seemed motivated by this and moved for the technology, grabbing it and moving outside. Shockwing ran for the portal, transforming midstride and flying through.

Light… blue light. Most Cybertronians had never taken a space bridge before… was this what it was like? The light ended and Shockwing flew into the light of day… except it wasn’t right? The land wasn’t made of the same thing as was Cybertron’s, it was made of… Brown stuff… and green stuff? However… the other Cybertronian was nowhere to be seen. Shockwing transformed and landed on the ground, zooming his optics and searching for any sign of his target. There appeared to be a settlement in the distance, maybe he went there.

Shockwing transformed and moved in that direction.


As soon as I made it into the portal, the sole thing I heard was a peaceful humming. I couldn’t help but to close my eyes. I was getting rather slee-

“Arghahahghrh!” I screamed as I found myself falling towards the ground. I crashed into it, shaking the ground as I did so. The things I brought along with me through the portal scattered across a small area as I rolled to a stop. I stayed splayed across the ground for only a few moments before pushing myself up with my hands. “That’s going to leave a dent,” I remarked. My optics suddenly fluttered up to see that the portal was still active. That could mean… the Autobot is coming through as well! I aimed both my hands at the portal and they transformed into Energon blasters. I stayed as still as a… still Cybertronian… and waited for something to happen. To my great surprise (and relief) nothing else did come out of the portal, and it slowly shrank away, leaving no trace that it was ever there.

“Odd,” I began. “Oddly convenient!” He must have decided to let me get away. Good. The last thing I needed now was an Autobot to follow me… wherever here was. I looked around, picked up my three items from the Iacon Vault, and… walked in a direction.

I noted that the ground wasn’t made of metal, and instead some manner of brown flecky particles and lots of small, green lines.

“This can’t be good for my circuits,” I complained. Still, that was the least of my problems. I was somewhere in the galaxy that I was almost positive wasn’t Cybertron, possibly inhabited by hostile lifeforms, and, to be frank, lost.

I stopped moving. I… heard something. An engine? Two engines? Ten engines? There were enough sounds for a cybertronian invasion force! I looked around frantically for somewhere to hide. There was what appeared to be a settlement in the distance, but that could be the enemy headquarters. Still, it might be better than just standing here in the open!

I jumped forward, transforming into a Cybertronian car mid-air and landing on the ground, driving full speed towards the buildings in the distance. As soon as I made it to them, I slowed to a stop and parked behind one of the smaller ones. I looked around for where the sounds could have possibly been coming from and saw some kind of travel lane. Vehicles drove by. Fifty, maybe a hundred of them. They looked… let’s just say “simpler” than Cybertron’s. Inside of them I was able to see that they were not in fact Cybertronians, but tiny little people. I relaxed. So, this was a primitive planet, was it? Amusing. Still, no matter how primitive they were, they might have something that could harm me. I would have to blend in to have maximum self-preservation.

But all of those vehicles looked like… forgive my bluntness, but they looked like trash! These people had no sense of style-

I froze. Driving by the travel lane now was a black car with red accents. (If Cybertronians could cry, I would be doing so. Just a little.) “I take back everything I thought,” I said, scanning this new vehicle. As soon as the scan was complete, I transformed into the new vehicle. “Sweet!”


Shockwing flew over the town, lots of Alt forms were among the streets, and to add to that, little people were everywhere. He wasn’t on Cybertron anymore, no, this was a different planet entirely.

Shockwing searched the streets for the now Cybertronian fugitive, but to no avail, he must have taken the form of one of the land vehicles, for Cybertronian alt forms look far different then whatever these new alt forms were. Shockwing realized that he probably looked out of place here, so he flew higher.

“Unidentified fighter, please state your business in American airspace.”

Shockwing searched for who said it, his question was answered when a pair of planes appeared on each side of him. This would be a tough mess to get out of, he didn’t even know what American was.

“Uh,” Shockwing tried to respond, “Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.” The universal greeting was sure to work.

“Repeat! State your business or we will open fire!”

Apparently they didn’t understand the greeting… Well, what weapons could they possibly have that could harm Shockwing.

Missiles, they had missiles.

The planes did fire when Shockwing didn’t respond a second time, he avoided their fire, and pulled a barrel role, spinning behind them, he could have fired, but he didn’t. Instead he veered down toward the ground, hiding in a cleft in the rock and transforming into bot form.

The fighters passed by him and he took the chance to scan them, shifting his own shape to blend in more on this strange planet. Shockwing took off again, transforming into the new form and returning again to the city, still scanning for the stolen Cybertronian relics.


Siren opened first one optic, then the other.

“All right, perhaps attempting to build my own spacebridge out of parts borrowed from Shockwave hadn’t been the best idea. It looked easy enough from the blueprint. What went wrong?”

She sat up and shook herself. A tiny shape darted out of her line of sight. The Phantom of Ruin looked around her. There was altogether too much organic matter around for this to be home.

“Well, something, at least, went right. Wherever this is, it’s not Cybertron.”

She pulled herself onto her shaky struts. The ground was softer here than on Cybertron, but she already knew how to tread lightly.

“If I am to get my bearings, I’ll have to find something artificial. That is, if this planet is inhabited, which it might not be.”

As if to answer her question, a dark shape streaked overhead. Siren followed it with her gaze, astounded.

“Aren’t you beautiful? Perhaps this planet isn’t so backwater after all.”

The scan was almost instantaneous, capturing every sleek line of the stealth fighter overhead. With a wild laugh, she leaped into the air and backflipped into her new alt mode.


Shockwing expanded his search from the city as the hours passed, the Cybertronian would either be long gone or blending in really well. All vehicles he scanned for Cybertronian life turned up negative, fighter and car alike. All except for one, another jet flew toward Shockwing, it was flying alone, which wasn’t common from what Shockwing could tell of this planet’s air-force.

Shockwing scanned it and it came up positive with Energon readings, however, from what Shockwing could tell of the Cybertronian on Cybertron, he wasn’t a plane. Shockwing adjusted his flight path to intercept that of the other Cybertronian jet. He reached its location and matched speed and heading, following it for as long as it would allow.

It changed course and increased speed as it realized that that was being followed, Shockwing again matched, this time he hailed it. Maybe this time a Cybertronian like himself would understand the greeting…

“Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong…”


Siren spun in mid air and laughed for joy. “Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!” she echoed. “I didn’t think to see another Cybertronian so far from home!”

She danced around the bewildered jet, occasionally catching a cloud to stream dramatically from her wingtips. “What is your designation?”


The other jet replied in kind, repeating the greeting before asking Shockwing his designation

“Shockwing… I’m not sure how you got here, unless you came here the same way I did, through some kind of portal in the Iacon Vaults. However, I don’t recognize your voice, and I do not know your form… though this planet is full of strange forms.”

“I’m afraid I may need to ask for your help.”


Siren spiraled out of sight behind a thick cloud.

“I suppose we must help one another in this cold, cruel, universe. Of course, that depends on what sort of help you require.”


“I came here with another, I followed him as he fell through a portal carrying artifacts from the Iacon Vaults. I don’t know what they are, but I know that anything put away in the vaults can be dangerous in the wrong hands… I just hope that those hands aren’t his. Can you help me?”


Siren flew up right behind Thundershock as silent as an owl.

“Artifiacts from the Iacon vault, there are bots who would give their t-cogs to gain such treasures. Let’s hope your prey has not found any buyers on this planet.”


“I think not,” Shockwing said, “This planet has very few Cybertronians, at least from what I can tell from the few Cycles that I’ve been here, but I’m not sure… Will you help me find him?”


Siren shrugged, as well as a plane can shrug.

“I could try. There may or may not be something I could do. What sort of prey are we hunting?”


“I don’t think if he’s a Decepticon, though I have nothing to prove otherwise. The best I could give you is that he wanted inside the vaults and found his way in. My guess is that he’s a merc, a self hired thief, selfish and wanting… How does this help?”


Siren dove towards the ground. She’d need to land if she wanted to do some serious thinking. With a somersault, she transformed, crossed her struts casually and put her fingers to her chin, an attitude in which she had her best ideas.

“Mercenary, Decepticon in morals if not in allegiance. Clever enough to get into the Iacon vaults and make off with some rather nice goodies. If I knew where he’d last been, I’d know where to lay my snare. Once that has been settled, I can lure him easily enough.”

Siren glanced towards the sky. Her informant was beginning to circle in a rather confused fashion. She’d better get back to him before he got lost. Transforming once more, she flew up behind Shockwing.

“Where did you see the miscreant last?”


“A town a few Miles south of here, though I’m sure he’s long gone… However, if you intend to help search, there may be the best place to start.”


“Ah, towns, so this planet has areas of dense population. They make good places for anyone to hide. Lead the way.”

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Shockwing sharply turned toward the town and engaged his engines, the other Cybertronian followed close behind and soon both had reached the town, the two flew over the buildings and Shockwing immediately began scanning again for the Cybertronian.

“So… How do you plan to find him?”