Tron: Reboot (Bio Pages)

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Name: Rushi Flynn
Eye color: Light grey
Hair color: Dark brown
Circuit color: Aquamarine
Species: User/ISO
Function: User, Virus sympathizer, Program relations
Outfit: Standard black gridsuit, dark grey lightweight armor
Equipment: Flynn-grade Lightcycle, gridstaff
Personality: Humorous, care-free, fun-loving, adventurer, trusting, free-lance, hopeless-hoper.
Peculiar traits: Wild hair that never seems to stay tame, eyes don’t match circuits, likes Viruses, always on the positive.
Friends: The Flynns, Alan Bradley, Tainex, Kobi, Shadow, Tron, Rinzler, Anon, Jalen/Abraxas,
Enemies: Clu, Cyrus, Gem, Castor
Quotes: “Epic!”… “You hatin’ Program?”… “I’m fine!”… “SHHHH!!! Don’t tell uncle Anon!”
Favorite pastime: Competing in the Games, Lightcycle racing


Name: Shadow

Gender: Male

Eye Color: (Classified)

Hair Color: (Classified)

Species: (Classified)

Function: Malware, Spy

Personality: Funny (sometimes), Damaged, Calm (sometimes), Unexpected.

Circuit color: Navy

Outfit: Black gridsuit, Upgraded black shadow armor.

Lightcycle: Upgraded Shadow cycle

Weapons: Light disk, shadow powers

Particular traits: Always wears helmet, hangs around Viruses.

Friends: Sirens, Rushi, Kestrel, Tainex, Kalais.

Enemies: Cyrus, Pestilence, Street thugs.

Quotes: “Can’t run from your Shadow.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be there when you need me.”
“Who needs doors!”
“Phsssh… am I a spy?.. How did you get that information?!”

Favorite pass time: Winning the Games, Breaking the speed limit in front of Tron, Rinzler, Beck, and Kestrel, Hanging out at the end of line club, going to Old, and New Bostrum.


Name: Dychtina
Gender: Female
Eye color: Electric blue
Hair color: White, worn in pigtails with purple tips
Species: Malaware
Function: Mischief maker
Outfit: Standard black gridsuit and a helmet with holes for her pigtails and a red visor
Equipment: Souped-up lightcycle, meteor hammer
Personality: Free-spirited, doesn’t like rules or the people who make them, wild, loves to laugh, an awful tease, rather self-centered, hidden insecurities
Peculiar traits: Her circuits are not all one color, rather they are many colors and are always changing like an ever shifting rainbow on her body. Drives other programs insane.
Friends: none
Enemies: anyone whom she classifies a “killjoy”.
Quotes:“Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!” “Now, that was fun!” “Faster! Faster!” (right before she turns someone crazy) “We’re all mad here”
Favorite Pastime: Breaking the speed limit, then outracing the programs who come after her. Disrupting the games in various ways. Causing general mayhem.


Name: Jason Blade
Alias: Arcturus
Gender: Male
Eye color: Ember orange
Hair Color: Blond
Species: User with malware imprint
Outfit: Circuit color is white.


Wears this cool leather jacket unzipped over the main suit.



Rarely ever wears a helmet. Prefers these. They are his trademark you might say.



Weapons: orange-circuited light disc, light tonfas that lock onto the outside of his legs.
Transportation: Stealth light cycle, it has black circuits making it very hard to spot in the dark landscape.
Personality: ENFP, funny, tough, sarcastic, fast thinking, wants to forget how he got into this mess in the first place.
Friends: No real ones yet.
Enemies: Everyone until they prove themselves trustworthy.
Quotes: “You haven’t seen anything yet.” “Are you ready for this?” "


Name: Guardian.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: black
Circuit color: deep blue
Species: program
Function: protecting the grid
Outfit: normal, blue
equipment: light staff (turns into super light cycle/ light jet), light blade (two sided), one identity disk, glide pack.
Skills: athletic, strong.
Personalty: happy, makes jokes, isn’t afraid to do what is needed to protect the grid.
Friends: allies of the grid.
Enemies: things that seek to destroy the grid.
Favorite pastime: Light-cycle racing, lots of practice.


Name: Razor
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Circuit color: Olympic Blue
Species: Program
Function: Protect the Flynn’s



Blue light disc

Duel batons that can turn into super lightcycles or lightjets

Light runner

Light sword
Tron chute

Personality: Optimistic at some times, will do anything to protect a Flynn
Friends: Kevin Flynn (He’s dead now…)
Enemies: Anyone who harms a Flynn
Quote: I told you
Favorite pastime: Lightcycle racing, training to fight better