V.A.N.I.S.H undercover

“I-I heard a bunch of n-noise,” I say, trying not to look frightened. “What are you guys doing here?” I say, turning to the girl and the guy who was not the detective. “Who are you anyway?!!”

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“Actually the question is what are all of you doing here?” Mr. Dell asked, crossing his arms.

“I-I heard a bunch of n-noise,” said the newest girl, I’d seen her before, she lived downstairs on the second floor, the nicer rooms.

“Who are you anyway?” she shouted.

I sighed and shook my head, “I live here!” I snapped, my patience running dry. I jabbed a finger at Toby, “This fellow kicked down my door and began ransacking my apartment!”

Toby glared as I continued, he knew there was more to the story then I made out. However, would he reveal his true reason to defend himself?

“I barely have a dime anyway! Why else would I live in the ghetto?” I snapped, using the common name for the Summer Morning’s third floor rooms.

I as I spoke, I noted a shuffling on the fire escape. Casually, I stepped around my broken door and opened the fire escape to reveal an eavesdropper, an English student I recognized.

“Rosie!” I greeted her cheerfully, “So nice to see you! Sorry for all the noise up here, just a few problems. In the mean time, how’s your homework coming?”

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Nervously I shuffle into the room. My crystal glows red, and I clutch it to hide it. I observe the people in the room. A salesman, a dangerous looking person, my English teacher’s assistant, and a shaking girl. “Homework’s fine,” I reply slowly. “I’m having some trouble with the newer English material.”

I don’t like the younger man. Does he have a gun? I wonder. “Is there something the matter?” I ask.

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“NO!” I quickly exclaim, blinking my eyes rapidly. The detective catches it and steps in front of me. “Nothing’s wrong, nope, nope, NOPE!!!” I say. I mentally slap my self and steady myself with deep breaths. I slowly start inching toward my gun…

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“The newer material is hard, yes. I can help you if you like,”

I strolled over to the newest girl and placed a hand on her shoulder, “Everything’s alright here,” I informed her, “Feel free to go back down stairs, the ghetto isn’t a fun place to be after dark.”

Especially when you don’t have a door any longer I thought bitterly.

I took her by the forearm and escorted her to the door, “By the way, do you attend SunStreak City High School?” I asked her, hoping Toby and Mr. Dell would soon leave.




“No,” I say absentmindedly. “Anagram,” I murmur. The detective turns to me, confused. “What?” Asks the other guy (not the detective.) “Nothing,” I say, starting to feel more annoyed than scared. “I just like saying random stuff when I’m bored.

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“Well goodbye then,” I told her, opening the door to the fire escape, “It’s very late, and I’m very tired.”

Once she’s gone, I turn to my other unwanted guests, “As for the rest of you, please leave.”


“Me?” I ask. “But I…I…” I rack my brain for a lie. “I…I need help with my schoolwork!” My face perked up, looking bright and innocent.

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I raised an eyebrow, Why do you want to stay Rosie? I thought, Do you want to see what happens next?

“Alright,” I replied, “Do you have it with you?”

As Rosie went through her back pack, I glared daggers at Toby.

Leave, I thought, I don’t want Rosie to witness what you might do.


I sneak closer to the gun, reminding myself it wasn’t loaded. Oh well. An unloaded gun is just as good for a hammer. I quickly quietly put it together, concealing it in my black hoodie. “Yeah, let’s go,” I said, prepared to use my gun if he got too mad.

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I glance around at the plethora of new people who had suddenly all showed up. I would have to be an absolute fool to not see this for what it was. This was V.A.N.I.S.H. all except for Indiana Jones in the corner. Our eyes lock, both of us with a cold realization of who the other was. So we were on the same side, yet not completely.
I turn to Kathrine. “Well we will leave and leave you to your work.” I glare at Indiana. “Both of us are.”

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I couldn’t help smiling at him, Yes! I thought, Take him away!

“Thanks for stopping in!” I called as they left, inwardly cringing.

That progress report will have to wait until tomorrow, like last time . . .


I walk out with the detective and rush back into my room. “Could it be…?” I shake my head. No. V.A.N.I.S.H. was gone long ago, we couldn’t be getting back together now. I clmb into bed and start a fitful sleep…

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As the salesman and creepy guy leave, I turn to Katherine. “Spill,” I say. “Who was the scary dude? And the old salesman guy? And why is your door missing?”

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I raised an eyebrow, “You said you needed help with your homework . . . Don’t you think your parents are wondering where you are?”


“Um…no?” I reply, sounding more like I’m asking a question. “C’mon, please!”


I shook my head in mild irritation, “Rosie, it’s late. I have a long day of work ahead of me.” I crossed my arms, “And you have a long day of school ahead of you. Goodnight.”


I was having one of those days. I ran a hand through my blond hair, attempting to get it to lay down like good hair was supposed to.
I grunted and turned away from the shop window, giving up. My polished leather shoes mad no sound on the cement as I walked down the sidewalk. I never made any unnecessary sound. It used to be a conscious thing, but now it was simply a habit, a part of who I was.
Sighing a little restlessly, I turned down the street towards my apartment.
Work had been slow lately, both side in fact. A few petty cases had come up, but nothing to write home about. Ever since that incident a couple of weeks ago, there had been no action on the espionage front either.
I was starting to think that everyone had just given up. Much more of this cold war and I would have to start cage fighting again. My muscles were itching for action. That is the number one rule when dealing with my kind. When you train a man to be a fighting machine and then lock him seclude him from any kind of action, he will become far more dangerous than a caged lion.
Jogging up the last flight of stairs, I pulled the keys from my pocket. I froze as something caught my eye. I leaned closer towards the door handle, studying the faint arrow that was supposed to match the second arrow on the rim of the handle. The two arrows were less than a millimeter off, but it could only mean one thing, someone had turned the handle while I was gone.
My eyes narrowed but I stood casually, unlocking the door and entering the dark apartment. A click sounded just as I reached for the lights. “Go ahead and turned them on,” a voice came from across the room. I flicked on the switch and turned to face the intruders.
Three men stood across the room grinning like Cheshire cats. The leader waved his gun at me as the two others walked over, relieving me of my handcuffs and gun. The forced me to sit down and handcuffed my hand behind me, all the while, their boss simply grinning triumphantly.
“Well, well,” he said after they finished with my seating arrangement, “so you are the ‘brilliant’ detective I have heard so much about.”
I smiled a cold smile, “all good I hope.”
The thug chuckled, “not at all, but enough with the pleasantries. You do know why I am here, correct?”
I nodded and smirked, “sure, Aaron, shall I get out the monopoly board now or later?”
Kallous rolled his eyes, motioning at the two henchmen, “just do it.”
The one with glasses nodded, pulling a pistol and a long thin cylinder from his pocket. I glanced up at Aaron, “Seriously? We are going to do this here?”
He nodded as Glasses attempted to clumsily screw on the cylinder. I raised an eyebrow, “what are you doing?”
“Trying to screw on the silencer,” he muttered distractedly
“Okay, first, that is a suppressor and second it screws on counterclockwise. Have you ever held a gun before?” I quired, “Arron, where did you find this guy?”
He shrugged, “he’s the boss’ nephew, there isn’t a lot I can do.”
I nodded, “Ooh, that.”
Glasses continued to struggle with literally the most basic piece of gun accessories ever. I sighed, “Oh come one, don’t let this guy be the one to shoot me!”
“I got it!” Glasses smiled and took aim.
“What are you doing?”
He paused, “what?”
“You don’t- that’s not- oh my word, just put the gun flush against my head.”
He nodded.
“The barrel, your dimwit!!”
I sighed as he finally managed to put the barrel against my head. I rolled my eyes, “I have one more lesson that I’m sure you would be interested in.”
Aaron turned back, “and that would be?”
I lowered my head until my grayish blue eyes glinted from underneath my blond hair, “if you want to ever beat me, the first thing you need to learn is don’t watch the mouth… watch the hands!”
My left hand shot out, grabbing the barrel of the gun and jerking it up, my right hand lashed out snapping the open cuff onto the second thug’s wrist.
I leaped to my feet and eliminated Glasses with a swift kick to the solar plexus, spinning to snap the second cuff onto his other wrist and breaking his knee with a savage ax kick to his exposed leg. He went down with a howl as I spun around to level the gun at Aaron.
He slammed his fist into the table, his face livid, “how!?”
I grinned, ejecting the clip and dropping the pistol to grab my own 45. “It is called awesomeness, my dear Kallous, something you sincerely lack.”


The next school day came and went, and the suspected students and teachers gave no signs of being Goners, or fallen heroes.

Hopefully tonight I would be able to contact my manager, Rachel Davis, and give her an update on my progress.

Last night was risky, too risky. If any of my intruders had discovered anything, I’d have to disappear again. . .

Not when I’m this close I thought, leaving the school grounds.

I made my way down the cracked sidewalk to my apartment, or, what was left of it after last night’s intrusion. I stepped over the shattered remains of my front door and sighed irritably. With doors of any kind came protection from nosy hobos and privacy from the rest of the third floor inhabitants. Thankfully, my true valuables were hidden safely.

Suddenly, I heard a ruckus in the apartment below mine, the slightly nicer apartments for what few middle class remained in Sunstreak City.

“It is called awesomeness, my dear Kallous,” said a male voice in the room below, “something you sincerely lack.”

I arched an eyebrow, wondering what could be taking place. I crouched down, pressing my ear to the floor to hear more. Then, the wicked old building produced the loudest groaning creak known to man. The inhabitants of the room below went silent. I stood up quickly and ran for the doorway, but not before bullets came whizzing through the cardboard-thin floors.

I chided myself for running, but it was too late now. . .

I heard the struggle progressing below the floor, however, I couldn’t clearly tell if any of the men had left the apartment to hunt down their eavesdropper or not.

I threw an old shall on over my already old clothes and placed a floppy old hat on my head. I sat down in ghetto-like hallway of the third floor, my back to the wall. Most of the hobos did nothing but sit all day, it was the perfect disguise.

I sank farther into my large shall as I heard heavy footsteps approaching.

Just wait, K, wait for the passing. . .